Jenna MacGillivray apologizes to Madison Stalker, Parker McCown, and Georgia Grobler for Below Deck Sailing Yacht behavior

Jenna issues an apology to Parker, Madison and Georgia for actions on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Jenna pens a heartfelt message to Madison, Parker, and Georgia after watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

After weeks of watching her behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Jenna MacGillivray has issued an apology to Madison Stalker, Parker McCown, and Georgia Grobler for her actions during filming.

The chief stew has come under fire for the way she treated the other stews, as well as the former deckhand.

Now Jenna is reaching out via social media to express her regret over the relationships she formed with Parker, Georgia, and Madison. Her words were honest, blunt, and to the point.

Jenna’s message to Georgia, Madison, and Parker

The chief stew used Instagram to pen an emotional message after weeks of watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Jenna started by asking people to take her words as truth.

“I apologize for some of my behavior. It was not my intent to belittle or hurt people in any way, but I understand that’s what happened to some people, as a result of my actions,” she expressed.

Jenna shared that no one is perfect, as well as that watching some of the Bravo show has been hard for her. She acknowledged that she did not spend nearly enough time with Madison and Georgia.

After sharing that she understands her words came across in a harsh manner, Jenna issued an apology to Georgia, Madison, and Parker.

“To Georgia, Madison, and Parker. I will never say any of you weren’t working your asses off. There were dynamics that were at times, difficult. So again. I am sorry. I would never want someone to feel like s**t because of me. And that’s the truth,” she said.

Jenn admits she was focused on Adam Glick romance

Although Jenna does reveal her number one priority and focus was ensuring the guests had the best experience, she also admitted the Adam Glick romance was too.

“I came in guns blazing. I wanted to give the best experience to the guests, and I understand that at times that meant I wasn’t focused on the girls. I should’ve spent more time. And that is a regret of mine,” she admitted.

“I was focused on Adam. And just managing everything to the best of my ability, and sometimes I failed.”

Jenna’s message comes one day after Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers watched her tell Adam that Madison would be punished for clashing with the chef. Moments later, Georgia was informed she was to focus on service during the next charter, and Madison would be on laundry.

There is no question Jenna MacGillivray has endured a lot of backlash on the premiere season of the yachting show. She has penned an emotional message to Parker McCown, Georgia Grobler, and Madison Stalker, who all suffered Jenna’s wrath while working on the Parsifal III.

What did you think of Jenna’s apology?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

Fake. Yay you realize how immature and crappy you were, but doing an apology just like the boys of Below Deck cuz you got caught and getting bad reactions is stupid. Especially when you do press saying the opposite

Laura Anne Cipriano-Riozzi
Laura Anne Cipriano-Riozzi
3 years ago

Please be gone, if there’s a next season. You acted that way because it’s your true character.

3 years ago

You caused a young man to resign his job because of the way he was treated by you and your boyfriend among others. The captain was the worst because instead of looking to see what was happening he said you and pageant were God’s he should have been more available to his entire crew.

2 years ago

I noticed that chief stews think they are above everyone on these boats. They like to order others around and to get laid. The captains need to pay attention on how there crews get treated after every charter. I think Jenna apology is fake as she knows her behaviour was disgusting.