Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Jenna MacGillivray opens up about being bullied online

Jenna MacGillivray speaks out on being bullied.
Jenna from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has endured her fair share of the haters this season. Pic credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s chief stew, Jenna MacGillivray is opening up about being bullied online since her debut on the Bravo show. She has endured a slew of backlash and hate from angry viewers since the latest Below Deck installment premiered.

There is no question that viewers dislike Jenna. Social media has called her out on several occasions for not working, flirting too much with chef Adam Glick, and being a jerk to other crew members.

Now Jenna is speaking out on all the hate being spewed her way.

Standing up for herself

Jenna took to Instagram to stand up for herself against the haters. She also acknowledged how her eyes have been opened to the severity of online cruelty.

“Being part of this process has really opened my eyes to the type of bullying and cruelty that exists online in a way that has shocked me,” she said.

“I am on a show. I agreed to share myself with the world and all that comes with it; however, I will remind people that I do not support abuse when I can stop it,” Jenna added.

The chief stew then expressed that she has received the most repulsive messages via social media. Jenna revealed fans were appalled at the fact she stood up for herself. She makes it clear that any abuse or nastiness on her social media pages will not be tolerated.

Not letting the haters change her

The Bravo star admitted there have been messages sent to her that advised Jenna to change her character. Despite what others have suggested, Jenna is not letting the haters force her into becoming someone else.

“The hateful messages have not made me reevaluate myself (as some of you had hoped) because I am a strong woman, and I know who I am in real life,” she expressed.

Jenna has no problem with viewers disagreeing with how she is as a chief stew. What she has a problem with, is the verbal abuse and harassment that continue to flood her social media.

Fans of Below Deck Sailing Yacht have strong opinions about Jenna MacGillivray. This is not the first time she has had to defend herself or her actions on the show. Jenna and Adam have been continuously criticized for their romance, as well as their nastiness towards other crew members.

Now the Bravo personality is getting candid regarding the hatred coming at her online and how she is not backing down from the trolls.

Does Jenna’s message about being bullied change your opinion of her?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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4 years ago

No, Jenna MacCrazy standing up for herself does not change my opinion about her one bit. She is still nasty, lazy, mean, and disgusting. She can dish out meanness & nastiness to subordinates, but she can’t take it when people do the same to her???? Jenna, you dish it, you eat it. She’s a condescending prick and the funny thing is that she has absolutely nothing going in her favor. She is not talented or anywhere near good at her job plus she’s so fricken UGLY, it’s beyond comprehension! She looks like an Orangutang with her big nose, lopsided face & lips, awkward limbs, and drooping tits. I mean, seriously, she looks like an ORANGUTANG!!! And her personality is so ruthless and mean, that there’s no denying she’s UGLY INSIDE AND OUT. She has nothing going for her, that’s why she’s so easy to f%&k.