Jenna claims Madison drama was way worse than fans saw on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Jenna claims other crew members did not like working with Madison on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Jenna and Madison blame each other for bad working relationship on Parsifal III. Pic credit: Bravo

Jenna MacGillivray claims the drama with Madison Stalker on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was way worse than fans saw on TV.

The ladies have been butting heads since Day 1 on Parsifal III. Viewers watched as Jenna complained about the second stew’s performance — as well as her attitude toward Captain Glenn Shepard — on the latest episode of the Bravo show.

Madison recently revealed the meeting left her stunned, especially when Jenna called her unprofessional. Now, the chief stew is sharing her side of the story, and not just the meeting.

Jenna’s frustration with Madison

In an interview with Heavy, Jenna spoke candidly regarding her frustration with Madison. The chief stew explained that she did try with Madison, even if it did not come across that way on television.

One of the problems that Jenna had with the second stew was the way Madison treated her.

“I was really frustrated with the fact that you can see in all of our interactions that anything I was telling her to do about the job she rolled her eyes, she mocks the relationship with Adam Glick and me,” she shared. “She’s really the only crew member that acts that way.”

Jenna did not appreciate Madison making a mockery of her relationship with Adam. The chief stew was aware that her colleague was ripping on Jenna’s romance with the chef to all of the other crew members.

“Would you want to work with someone who had these nasty feelings about you? She was going to everyone in the crew who would listen,” the Bravo star expressed.

Jenna claims other crew members disliked Madison’s attitude

The one constant Jenna has talked about this season is Madison’s attitude. She insists that other people felt the same way she did regarding Madison during their time on the sailing yacht.

“I know that Madison is a good worker and she could be good at her job, but there was so much negativity about her being there that it wasn’t pleasant to work with her. I’m not the only one who felt that way,” Jenna said.

The chief stew did not elaborate on who agreed with her, but Adam has also expressed his issues with Madison this season. After their meeting, it is safe to say Captain Glenn was also probably in agreement with Jenna.

However awful that viewers felt that the issues between Jenna and Madison were on screen, the chief stew assures fans that it was much worse during filming.

“What you see on the show, imagine that times 50, and that’s what I dealt with every day with her and her attitude,” Jenna said. “She really didn’t seem to want to be there.”

There are still a few episodes left in the premiere season of the Bravo show, so that likely means more drama between these two ladies.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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