Jenelle Evans wishes son Kaiser a happy birthday, followers say they’re glad he’s ‘safe’ with Nathan

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle’s haters told her they’re glad her son Kaiser is “safe” with his dad Nathan for his birthday. Pic credit: MTV

When former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans wished her son Kaiser a happy birthday, her haters told her they were glad he was “safe” with his dad, Nathan, rather than with her.

On Tuesday, Jenelle took to Twitter to wish her second child, Kaiser, a happy seventh birthday. Jenelle shares her son, Kaiser, with her ex, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle announced earlier this month that Kaiser would be spending six weeks with his dad, Nathan, over the summer.

Jenelle wished Kaiser a happy birthday, followers had a lot to say

“#HappyBirthday to my Bubba! 7 years of your cuteness, humor, and being a complete #MommasBoy ? First time I’m away from Bubba on his birthday but I’m sure he’s having a blast at his dad’s,” Jenelle tweeted to her followers.

The post also included a picture collage of Kaiser, including a picture of him with Jenelle and one with him and his older half-brother Jace.

Jenelle’s followers commented on her post, many of them wishing Kaiser a happy birthday. Others, however, took the opportunity to slam Jenelle and her husband, David.

“Aww you wished your least favorite child a happy birthday. Wish Nathan would take you to court and get full custody of Kaiser,” wrote one commenter.

Jenelle and Nathan battled over custody of their son, Kaiser, for years. Last year, the exes finally came to a custody agreement that stated Jenelle is to maintain primary custody of Kaiser, and Nathan will have visits every other weekend. The agreement also states that Nathan will have time with Kaiser for six consecutive weeks in the summer.

Another one of Jenelle’s followers commented, “Glad he gets a break from the land and David. Kaiser deserves so much more.”

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Jenelle’s followers commented on Kaiser’s birthday post. Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

Jenelle’s followers were concerned for Kaiser’s safety

One of Jenelle’s followers insinuated that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, abuses Kaiser when they commented, “Happy birthday glad [you’re] with your dad and not that other monster getting a beating[.]”

Another follower was concerned for Kaiser’s safety: “Glad he’s SAFE with his father and Doris. Not stuck in that run down crumbling swamp shack getting yelled at and beaten. Poor baby. You could tell he was always in their ‘way’ and never included. I miss Barb but definitely not this train wreck Jenelle. Worst human/’mom’ ever[.]”

“Thank god he escaped to Nathan’s house,” said another one of Jenelle’s followers.

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Jenelle’s followers were glad Kaiser is “safe” with his dad, Nathan. Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

Nathan isn’t comfortable with Kaiser being around Jenelle’s son Jace

Jenelle and Nathan called it quits in 2015 after two years of dating, and were even engaged at one point. The two weren’t exactly on the best of terms but seemed to work things out last year.

However, Nathan made comments about Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, whom she shares with ex, Andrew Lewis, and said he didn’t want him around their son, Kaiser.

During an Instagram live, Nathan said, “I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion. I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving, and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller. So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry.”

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