Jenelle Evans shares anxiety struggles after having ‘bad memories’ about Teen Mom 2 reunions

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans shares that she’s struggling with anxiety and having recurring dreams about past Teen Mom 2 reunions. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently shared a TikTok post in order to bring awareness to mental health issues.

In the video, Jenelle shared that she enjoyed her morning coffee while dealing with some anxiety she was having from recurring dreams.

She asked if other followers had dreams pop up that made them stressed and said that she was struggling with her own as they were bringing up “bad memories” from a hard time in her life.

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Jenelle, who had a tumultuous relationship with several of her Teen Mom 2 castmates, shared that her dreams involved the fights she would commonly get into while filming the reunion episodes.

She said that she’d been having the dreams for two nights in a row, and had no idea why as she hadn’t been watching the show.

Jenelle’s post comes within the same week that the Teen Mom OG reunion aired, which is an odd coincidence considering she claimed not to be keeping up with the series.

Several fans took to social media to comment on Jenelle’s TikTok video and to share their opinion on her anxiety struggles.

Fans comment on Jenelle’s anxiety struggles

After a fanpage shared Jenelle’s TikTok video, several fans shared their opinion about Jenelle’s mental health struggles.

Many followers felt that her anxiety was due to living with her husband, David Eason. David has a history of violent behavior and even shot and killed their family dog, which caused Jenelle to be fired from the Teen Mom franchise.

Fans accused David of being a “psychopath” and “insane” and accused him of hurting animals for fun.

A fan blames David Eason for Jenelle's anxiety
A fan blames David Eason for Jenelle’s anxiety. Pic credit: @lowlifekaiser_1/Instagram
A fan refers to David Eason as 'insane'
A fan refers to David Eason as ‘insane.’ Pic credit: @ray.tay/Instagram

Other fans wondered if Jenelle was blaming the show for her mental health struggles in an attempt to sue them for mental distress possibly.

A fan thinks Jenelle may want to sue MTV
A fan thinks Jenelle may want to sue MTV. Pic credit: @frenchtoastlboogie/Instagram
A fan thinks Jenelle wants to sue MTV
A fan thinks Jenelle wants to sue MTV. Pic credit: @hairgirl271/Instagram

Jenelle struggles with diagnosis of rare spinal disorder

As fans weighed in on where they thought Jenelle’s anxiety and stress were coming from, her video comes following a recent diagnosis of a rare spinal disorder.

Jenelle shared that she had been dealing with a chronic neck popping issue that was causing her discomfort.

After an invasive procedure, she was diagnosed with syringomyelia, which she described as a cyst on the spinal cord that causes pain and weakness. In some instances, the condition can cause a person to become paralyzed.

She said she had multiple tests done but doctor’s weren’t able to determine the cause of her issues.

Jenelle went into more detail about the diagnosis in a YouTube video where she said, “I have head shaking too, it’s kind of embarrassing, it feels like a tremor. My hands are not that steady, and my fingertips are numb most of the time…It’s kind of scary. I feel like slowly I’m losing my ability in my hands, and I really need that. I really need my hands!”

Jenelle shared that she had many thoughts running through her head and wasn’t sure what the next steps would be for her but said she had battled with pain and discomfort for more than five months.

It’s quite possible that while Jenelle is unsure of where her stress and anxiety are coming from, it may have little to do with her time on Teen Mom 2 and may be due to her recent health scare.

Despite the ongoing criticism she receives from followers, Jenelle continues to be open with fans about her struggles and her life.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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