Jenelle Evans says she is ‘grieving’ after being ‘betrayed’ by everyone in her life

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards
Jenelle Evans says she’s currently grieving. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jenelle Evans has been experiencing a difficult few months amid claims her home is not a safe space for her eldest son, Jace.

He was allegedly assaulted by her husband, David Eason, and has since been removed from their care. However, the ongoing court/CPS drama is not the only problem in her life right now.

The Teen Mom 2 star shared an early morning video after she had issues staying asleep and confessed that she was “grieving.”

Jenelle didn’t go into much detail about what’s happening but said that every person in her life has “betrayed” her.

The 31-year-old might be referring to her husband, who was reportedly in contact with his ex-wife Whitney who shared some damning text against him.

In the exchange, David told Whitney, with whom he shares a daughter, Maryssa, that he dreams about her all the time and that he should have done more to keep her.

After the messages were exposed, Whitney and her husband, Shane, shared the audio of an intense conversation that they later had with the controversial couple.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans feels ‘betrayed’ by everyone in her life

Jenelle turned to Instagram in the early hours of the morning after she had a hard time sleeping.

In the clip, the mom of three noted that it was a little after 3 a.m.

“I woke up out of a dead sleep and just started crying,” said Jenelle. “I think I’m completely grieving right now, and it sucks.”

The former MTV star later noted, “At this point in my life, I just like, I feel very betrayed by every person in my life, literally.”

David Eason’s ex-wife exposes his text messages

Jenelle’s message about betrayal came after her husband was caught sending inappropriate messages to his ex-wife, Whitney.

The initial text was sent in May of 2022 but recently came to light when Whitney shared the conversation with the U.S. Sun – which claims they have been verified.

The text read in part, “I dream about you all the time. I don’t know how I ended up here instead of where I wanted to be.”

David also allegedly wrote, “You were perfect…I wish I could turn back the clock.”

After that transpired, the media outlet obtained the audio of an angry phone call that David made to Whitney and Shane.

In the expletive-filled call, David accused them of lying as Shane responded, “It ain’t lying when there’s text messages.”

Meanwhile, Jenelle was reportedly in the background requesting proof that the messages were from her husband.

She asked Shane to send her the “text messages with the actual phone number” and not just David’s name written on the screen.

However, according to the couple, they have been trying to meet up with Jenelle to show her the messages in person but haven’t been able to get ahold of her.

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Callan Spratt-Hill
Callan Spratt-Hill
8 months ago

yeah she did that poor me video then a few hrs later went on a outing with that thing and the kids!! this chick is unbelievable. …