Teen Mom: David Eason and Bar Smith exchange jabs after David insults his daughter

Bar and David IG selfies
Bar and David got into a heated argument online. Pic credit: @barikismith/@easondavid88/Instagram

Two of the dads from the Teem Mom franchise, David Eason and Bar Smith, got into a heated exchange online that turned savage.

It all began earlier this week when Bar’s wife, Ashley Jones, shared a tweet about their 5-year-old daughter, Holly.

Ashley wrote, “People always say they hope my daughter is nothing like me …. S**t me too ??? she will be 10x better , 10x smarter , 10x more beautiful …”

In response to the tweet, David replied with a gif including Rocky Dennis, the main character from the movie Mask, who had a rare bone disorder called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, causing his face to be disfigured.

“Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful,” read the caption on the gif.

Once Ashley’s husband, Bar, caught wind of David’s Twitter reply, he went off. Bar’s comments can be read in the slides of the Instagram post below. He lashed out at David, calling him a slew of disparaging names and hurling insults his way.

Bar Smith lashes out at David Eason

Bar even offered to meet David off his property so they could handle things man-to-man with a good old-fashioned physical altercation. Quickly afterward, David deleted his Twitter account.

Once Jenelle discovered the online shenanigans happening between her husband and Bar, she interjected with a comment of her own in her Instagram Story.

Jenelle claimed that she would be deleting her social media apps “for a little bit,” apparently after some of Ashley and Bar’s supporters posted unflattering pics of her and David’s daughter, Ensley. However, it looks as though that didn’t last long, as Jenelle returned to TikTok on Tuesday.

jenelle evans said on instagram she would shut down her social media amid david eason's online brawl with bar smith
Jenelle claimed she would shut down her online accounts amid David’s social media brawl with Bar. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

David’s notoriety on Teen Mom

David has earned himself a reputation as one of the most controversial cast members within the Teen Mom franchise. After he shared homophobic tweets, MTV fired him in 2018. In 2019, when MTV discovered he shot and killed his family’s dog, Nugget, the network fired Jenelle.

This isn’t the first time David has taken shots at Bar or other former Teen Mom castmates, either. In December 2022, David took aim at Teen Mom 2 alum, Kailyn Lowry, mocking the rumors that she welcomed her fifth child last fall.

Bar inserted himself in the drama, accusing David of having the hots for Kailyn. Jenelle fired back on Twitter, “Bro, this is why no one likes you. Focus on yourself and YOUR family.”

David may have deleted his Twitter account, but his Instagram account is still up and running, where he has 391,000 followers. In the meantime, Ashley seemingly fired back at David on Twitter in a more subtle manner — she changed her profile pic to an unflattering photo of David and made the face of Rocky Dennis’ character her banner photo.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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