Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans threatens to leave David Eason but claims she’s ‘stuck’

Jenelle Evans and David Eason red carpet
Jenelle and David pose on the red carpet during an MTV awards show. Pic credit: © F. Sadou/AdMedia

Jenelle Evans took to social media to gripe about her marriage to David Eason, making it abundantly clear that the former Teen Mom star is not in a good place.

The MTV alum has complained about David online before, but this time, things are getting intense between the husband-and-wife duo.

Jenelle shared a message with her Facebook followers on August 11, writing, “Being around negative energy everyday all day is getting exhausting.”

“I need to force myself to have friends because at this point I’m making myself introverted,” Jenelle continued, adding the hashtag #MorningThoughts.

Although she didn’t clarify in her post, Jenelle was taking aim at her husband of nearly six years, David.

In the comments section of her post, Jenelle elaborated on what was going on when she was questioned by a bevy of Facebook followers.

jenelle evans posts about negative energy on facebook
Jenelle posted on Facebook and told her followers that she needs to get away from the “negative energy” surrounding her. Pic credit: JenelleLEvans/Facebook

Jenelle added a comment directed at David, telling him, “If you like to be alone stop begging me to be around me.”

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans says she’s ‘stuck’ with husband David Eason, accuses him of being ‘mean’ to her

When one of her Facebook followers replied, “But you stay with him,” Jenelle implied that she has no choice but to stay with David.

“Cuz I’m stuck,” Jenelle responded.

jenelle evans posts about david eason on facebook
Jenelle told her Facebook followers that she’s “stuck” in her marriage to David Eason. Pic credit: JenelleLEvans/Facebook

Another one of Jenelle’s fans asked her what David did to upset her, and according to the former reality TV star, David has been acting “mean as faq” toward her.

jenelle evans told her facebook followers that david eason was being "mean" to her
Jenelle told a follower that David has been “mean” lately. Pic credit: JenelleLEvans/Facebook

Jenelle and David get into a back-and-forth Facebook squabble

Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram captured some more screenshots of comments on the Facebook post, including some from David himself.

When Jenelle accused David of “always offending everyone on purpose,” he fired back, “The exact type of lies one offensive s**t I’m talking about, thanks for proving my point.”

Jenelle and David’s back-and-forth bickering continued, with Jenelle calling out her husband for “offending everyone” with a recent post about Tyler Childers.

“You constantly try to bring a rise out of anyone and I’m sick of it,” Jenelle told David.

Jenelle continued her rant, pointing out to another follower that if she were to leave David, she’d be left paying for two houses while David lives “rent free.”

When one of Jenelle’s fans suggested she attend marriage counseling, she shot down the idea.

“No marriage counseling for being a true a**hole,” she replied.

Jenelle and David’s marriage has been touch-and-go for years

Jenelle and David teasing a breakup is nothing new. The couple has fought and made up more times than we can count.

In December 2022, Jenelle hinted that she and David had split up when she posted photos of her left hand without her wedding ring. Jenelle also accused David of going MIA for her 31st birthday and blocking her number.

“Tell me where [David Eason is] cuz it’s my birthday at midnight and he’s gone,” she wrote in a cryptic Instagram Story slide.

Just three months ago, Jenelle was defending her marriage to David amid accusations that he cheated on her.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jenelle clapped back in David’s defense, writing, “David has never cheated on me. Never even caught him talking to another girl before but he doesn’t want me to tag him if I’m mad.”

David and Jenelle wed in 2017. After just two years, they separated, and it looked as though things were over for good between them. Jenelle even went as far as announcing that she had filed papers to get divorce proceedings started but didn’t follow through with it.

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