Javi Marroquin filed for restraining order against Lauren Comeau for ‘punching’ him in front of their son

Javi Marroquin formerly of Teen Mom 2 and Lauren Comeau
Kail Lowry’s ex, Javi Marroquin, filed for a restraining order against Lauren Comeau, alleging that she “punched” him in front of their son, Eli. Pic credit: MTV and @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Javi Marroquin, former Teen Mom 2 star, filed for a restraining order against his ex, Lauren Comeau, alleging that she “punched” him in front of their son, Eli.

On Monday, June 21, Javi filed for a protection from abuse (PFA) order against his baby mama, and requested temporary custody of their son, Eli, 2.

Javi alleged that Lauren ‘closed fist punched’ him ‘several times’

Javi’s statements claim that Lauren punched him with a closed fist several times and ripped a chain off his neck in front of Eli.

Court papers filed in Delaware and obtained by The Sun show that Javi claimed, “Respondent assaulted me in front of our children. I worry she will come to my house and assault me again and/or try to take our son.”

“She has assaulted me on multiple occasions, and due to my career, I want to protect my job and kids,” Javi’s statement continued.

Javi provided details of the alleged events, stating, “Verbal argument she closed fist punched me several times. She snatched my gold chain off my neck. Our 2-year-old son was present and witnessed.”

The former MTV star also requested temporary custody of Eli. Javi currently shares 50/50 custody with his ex-fiancée, Lauren.

The court granted Javi’s request for a PFA

The court granted Javi’s request for a PFA and stated that it “finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the Respondent has committed an act of domestic violence against the petitioner and further finds that there is an immediate and present danger of additional acts of violence.”

The order mandated that Lauren remain at least 100 feet away from Javi, his place of residence, and his workplace (at Javi’s request), except for visitation drop-offs and pick-ups for Eli.

The only contact Lauren was permitted to have with Javi was text or email exchanges regarding their son, Eli.

The ex-couple’s current custody agreement from November 2020 was to remain in effect, and the duo was scheduled to appear in court on August 23, 2021.

Just one day later, Javi filed to dismiss the petition

However, Javi filed to voluntarily dismiss the petition, just a day later.

“I no longer feel threatened by my son’s mother. I believe we can handle any altercation that arises,” Javi explained.

Although The Sun reached out to both Javi and Lauren for comment, neither party has responded to the requests.

Javi, who also shares a son, Lincoln, 7, with ex-wife Kail Lowry, hasn’t exactly been an angel when it comes to his relationship with Lauren.

Kail was at the center of Javi and Lauren’s breakup

Last year on Teen Mom 2, viewers were shocked when Kail admitted to an MTV producer that Javi tried to hook up with her in a Wawa parking lot. Although Kail apologized to Lauren both publicly and off-camera, the damage was already done.

Lauren publicly confirmed her split from Javi earlier this year during an emotional IG live. However, Lauren didn’t think Javi and Kail were being completely honest about what happened.

“I think there’s a lot more that none of us know and only two people know. I think there’s a lot more truth to it,” Lauren revealed during her IG live. But, eventually, Lauren came to terms with the breakup and told her followers, “I just have to look at this as a blessing.”

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