Javi Marroquin called the cops on baby mama Lauren Comeau for allegedly ‘hitting and kicking him’

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau from Teen Mom 2
Police responded to a call that Lauren Comeau allegedly “hit and kicked” her baby daddy Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: MTV and @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Javi Marroquin, ex of Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2, called the police on his baby mama, Lauren Comeau, for allegedly “hitting and kicking” him.

Delaware police officers responded to reports of a “domestic-related matter” that occurred at Lauren’s home.

According to an exclusive statement made by the Dover Police Department to The Sun, this latest “domestic matter” occurred on the evening of Tuesday, July 20.

No arrests were made after Javi and Lauren’s ‘domestic matter’

A public information officer added, “That matter remains under investigation at this time.  No arrests have been made.”

A police source also revealed that the victim in the incident is reportedly Javi, meaning Lauren was the alleged perpetrator.

According to the same source, Lauren allegedly “hit Javi in the face and kicked him multiple times.”

Teen Mom 2’s Lauren Comeau issues a statement

Lauren Comeau spoke exclusively to The Sun in a statement: “He made a false accusation and called the police hours after he left my home.”

Lauren added, “He came to my home to pick up our son, entered my home after I asked him to not enter my home repeatedly.”

“The police issued an investigation, they talked to witnesses, and no charges were filed,” Lauren concluded.

This latest domestic incident comes on the heels of a restraining order filed by Javi against Lauren, nearly one month ago.

In June, Javi alleged that Lauren “punched” him with a “closed fist” and ripped his gold chain off his neck, while in front of their two-year-old son, Eli. Javi also shares son, Lincoln, 7, with ex Kail Lowry.

Javi claimed at the time, “Respondent assaulted me in front of our children. I worry she will come to my house and assault me again and/or try to take our son.”

Shortly after news of Javi’s restraining order broke, Teen Mom 2 fans reacted. Some fans of the show felt that Javi used the restraining order as a “scare tactic” against Lauren.

Javi and his other baby mama, Kail are getting along

Although it sounds like Javi and Lauren are having a tough time getting along lately, Javi and his other baby mama, Kail Lowry, are pulling together.

The former couple announced this week that they are going to be business partners. Kail and Javi partnered up to offer an athletic training camp for kids, inspired by their son Lincoln’s fitness coach.

Javi also “came through hard” for his first baby mama. While Kail was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, her youngest son, Creed, needed stitches after a fall. Javi was able to translate between the Spanish-speaking doctors and Kail, so they could understand each other.

Hopefully Javi and Lauren can find a way to be peaceful in front of each other moving forward, especially for the sake of their son, Eli.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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