Jason Duggar spends time with Jeremy Vuolo during California trip

Jason Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jason Duggar hung out with Jeremy Vuolo while in California. Pic credit: TLC

Jason Duggar is in California with two of his siblings and his mom, visiting Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

Earlier this week, Jana Duggar shared an airport selfie, and Jason and James Duggar shared some videos about their travel.

The small group of Duggars was headed to see Jinger and Jeremy in California and spend some time with their little girls too.

Jason Duggar does ‘Doctrine & Donuts’ with Jeremy Vuolo

On Instagram, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of the “Doctrine & Donuts” group. It’s something he shares weekly, but Jason Duggar was clearly visible this time.

Jason then reshared the photo from Jeremy’s Instagram Story to his own.

Jason hanging out with Jeremy.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

How long will the Duggars be in California?

As of now, it’s unclear how long Jason, Jana, James, and Michelle Duggar will spend in California with Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

They have all been to visit before, even taking in some of Los Angeles’ things like a Dodgers game. Michelle flew out there when Jinger was ready to have Evangeline back in 2020. She brought Jordyn Duggar along with her, and Jeremy shared a photo with his sister-in-law.

On this trip, though, the Duggars aren’t sharing photos on social media. Jinger, Jana, and the Duggar boys’ social media have been silent since the initial videos and pictures they took while traveling.

2021 was a challenging year for the family, so they have cut back on posting a lot. For a few months, several of them even had their comments restricted so that only the people they follow could comment. Now things are a bit more open, but the posting is still way less.

Jinger and Jeremy decided to take some of their privacy back after Evangeline was born in 2020. There are a few photos of her as a newborn, but not many. They also decided to stop sharing Felicity, even though she was chronicled on Counting On and plastered over their social media for two years.

Perhaps that has something to do with the lack of posting during this trip. How long the Duggars will remain with Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo remains unknown, but as of this morning, they are still enjoying their time in sunny and warm California.

Jason Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo spent some time together with “Doctrine & Donuts,” as the rest of the family did something else.

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