Jason Duggar shares photos from trip to California and visit with Jinger Duggar

Jason Duggar photo from one of his adventures.
Jason Duggar is spending time in California. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Some of the Duggar siblings are spending time exploring California while visiting Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. 

A few days ago, Monsters & Critics reported that Jason, James, and Jana Duggar all spent time with Jinger as they took in an MLB game. 

It looks like the ballgame wasn’t the only sightseeing the siblings did. Jason Duggar shared some photos on his usually-quiet Instagram feed. Dodgers Stadium was just one of the stops the Duggars made while in California. 

Jason Duggar loads up his Instagram 

After months of being silent on social media, Jason Duggar decided to document the trip he and a few of his siblings took to California. 

It started with photos from the Dodgers game and then the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. Jason snapped pictures of himself, James Duggar, Jana Duggar, and her friend Laura DeMasie. 

While it is unclear if all of the siblings went to the second location, it was apparent they were having fun seeing things that interest them.

Why did the Duggars travel to California? 

The reasoning behind the trip to California wasn’t shared. Photos of Jason, James, and Jana all popped up online over the weekend. Jana and her friend, Laura DeMasie, were also spotted in Las Vegas for a home goods show before making it to the baseball game. 

How long they will be visiting Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo is also unknown. Jana has been to California before, but it seems like the Duggar brothers haven’t. This is their time to explore and take in what life is like for their sister as she lives on the West Coast. 

California is a long way from Arkansas, and they are two different worlds when it comes to what you can see just walking down the street. 

For now, Jason Duggar and his siblings are having a good time on the west coast as they spend time with Jinger. 

Over the last few months, a lot has changed, which began when Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges. Jinger and Jeremy took a stance in the matter, but so far, none of the unmarried Duggar siblings have breathed a word about the scandal. 

Spending time with family is a feeling that no one can replace. Jason, Jana, and James Duggar are experiencing that right now and enjoying the time while they have it.

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