Jason and James Duggar spend time with Spivey family in Texas

Jason and James Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jason and James Duggar spent time in Texas with the Spivey family. Pic credit: TLC

Jason and James Duggar have spent a lot of time in Texas since their brother, Justin Duggar, married Claire Spivey earlier this year.

The Duggar brothers were back down there, enjoying time with Claire’s brother.

Hilary Spivey shared a photo of Jason, James, Robby, and Justin on her Instagram page.

Duggar brothers spend time in Texas

With Jason and James being the final two adult Duggar brothers not married or engaged, they have a lot of time to devote to having fun.

Jason and James Duggar spent time in Texas recently, hanging out with Justin Duggar and his brother-in-law, Robby Spivey.

A few days ago, Jason shared a photo of himself in a vehicle with Robby. It appears the two were gearing up for some fun in Texas, perhaps riding dirt bikes or something similar.

It’s been known that Jason and James have spent a lot of time with the Spivey family, even staying with them some while both the Duggar family and Spivey family attended Family Alert Camp last year.

Over the last year, the Spivey family has been close with the Duggar family. Hilary and Robby attended Josh Duggar’s trial and supported Anna Duggar when she left the courtroom following his guilty verdict and remained into custody.

What are Jason and James Duggar up to?

Both Jason and James Duggar work together on construction projects. They are two of the closest siblings, spending most of their time together.

Their trip to Texas wasn’t long, though. They are serious about their home remodeling projects and take the close bond of their siblings very seriously.

Last spring, James Duggar even attended Derick Dillard’s law school graduation, shocking followers. Jill Duggar was his buddy growing up, and despite her rift with some of the family, James still showed up for her. He and Jana Duggar even showed up for their nephew’s birthday with a firetruck.

Jason and James are both protective of their big sister, Jana Duggar, and they are often spotted hanging out with her or teaming up on a home remodel together. The boys even commented about supporting her when it was revealed she was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor back in September.

Their love for family runs deep, and it looks like that family includes the Spiveys in Texas too.

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