Jamie Sayed shares advice to Below Deck Down Under fans amid on-screen drama

Below Deck Down Under star Jamie Sayed has message for fans.
There’s a whole other side to Jamie that Below Deck Down Under viewers didn’t see on-screen. Pic credit: Bravo

Jamie Sayed has shared some advice to Below Deck Down Under fans amid the on-screen drama as Season 1 winds down.

Only a couple of episodes remain in Below Deck Down Under Season 1, which has brought a lot of tension for Jamie. The bosun recently opened up about why he felt bullied when Brittini Burton and Aesha Scott kept calling him a b**ch, a word he hates.

Besides the drama with the girls, Jamie has been at odds with the deckhand, Benny Crawley. Jamie wanted Benny fired, but Captain Jason Chambers didn’t. The bad blood between Benny and Jamie has played out off-screen as they continue to shade each other in the press.

Despite all the craziness surrounding the show, Jamie remains focused on positivity and living his best life.

Jamie Sayed shares positive advice amid Below Deck Down Under drama

The other day, Jamie took to Instagram to share a lengthy yet meaningful message about mindset and persistence.

Dressed in a white button-down shirt that had three buttons undone to reveal his sleek bare chest, Jamie gave the camera a smoldering look in the photo.

“I know it’s easier said than done, but mindset & persistence really are the keys to getting through roadblocks that stand in your way to accomplishing whatever you really want to achieve in life,” he wrote on the post. “And not just once, but over and over again. When you have achieved one goal, make a bigger goal, write down the steps and get to work.”

Jamie went on to explain that achieving what one wants in life not only takes positivity but time. It’s essential to remember to keep “chipping away” and taking life step by step. He also revealed the importance of taking a minute to stop and embrace the moment.

“AND while you’re working towards your dream life, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers (or in my case in this picture, eat some sugar cane?), calm your mind and trust that everything is going to work out in the end,” the messaged ended.

Jamie talks about getting out of comfort zone and small wins

Along with sharing some positive advice, Jamie has also used social media to spread encouraging words to help with personal growth.

In one recent post, Jamie revealed the importance of getting out of one’s comfort zone by sharing a very personal story about him moving to Medellín, Colombia, alone.

“I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t even know how to speak spanish, but I did it anyway,” Jamie expressed in part of his message.

Another time Jamie reminded his followers that the small wins count too in this journey called life.

The on-screen craziness of Below Deck Down Under has portrayed Jamie Sayed in a certain light. However, he’s letting it be known, that things are not as they appear on reality TV.

Jamie continues to keep looking at the bright side while sharing some positive advice via social media.

What do you think of Jamie?

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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