Jamie Otis got ‘the best shock,’ she’s having identical twin boys

MAFS alum Jamie Otis YouTube screenshot
Jamie Otis is having identical twin boys. Pic credit: Hanging with the Hehners/YouTube

It’s been an emotional couple of months for Jamie Otis and her husband Doug Hehner, who recently found out they’re expecting after a difficult pregnancy journey.

However, the good news just keeps coming for the Married at First Sight alums, who were surprised to find out they are having twins.

That wasn’t the end though, as the couple later found out the gender of their babies, and then got “the best shock” – they were identical.

In typical fashion, Jamie and Doug have been chronicling and sharing all these moments on social media.

In their latest video, the couple captured the moment when they found out the news, and it triggered an emotional reaction from Jamie.

In her post, the pregnant MAFS star noted that the chances were slim, but that she prayed the babies would be identical and now those prayers have been answered.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are having identical twin boys

If there’s one thing Jamie Otis will do, it’s record every moment of her life and share it with her social media followers.

A few weeks ago, the couple discovered the gender of their babies and posted the reveal on Instagram. That was a surprise too, as Jamie was convinced she was having girls but found out they were both boys.

However, it took longer to find out whether they were having fraternal or paternal twins.

The MAFS alums finally got those answers this week. Once again, they were surprised.

The Instagram video showed when Doug and Jamie opened up the results online and expressed shock at the news.

“It’s identical,” said Doug as Jamie covered her mouth in surprise. “Identical and low risk.”


MAFS star Jamie Otis’s prayers have been answered

The MAFS Season 1 star explained in the lengthy caption of her Instagram post why they were so surprised by the news that their boys are identical twins.

Jamie thought her kids would be fraternal because they are in “separate sacs and each has their own placentas.”

Additionally, fraternal twins run in the Otis family, so she also assumed she would carry on that tradition.

“It’s the teeniest, tiniest chance they’d be identical like this,” reasoned Jamie. “Identical twins are more rare – identical twin boys are the rarest.”

However, this is the best surprise for the pregnant mama, who confessed, “I PRAYED for identical.🙏 I’ve always wanted identical twins!💯.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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24 days ago

Please stop writing articles about Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. They are disgusting people. They exploit their kids for $$$$$.

24 days ago

Please stop writing articles about Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. They exploit their kids for $$$$$. They pretty much ignore the two kids they have now. Anytime they do spend with their kids they use them as props for their ridiculous posts and videos. They don’t deserve them and they certainly don’t deserve the next two.

24 days ago

Congratulations!!! So excited for your family!!! God is good 💙💙

23 days ago

Please refer to Jamie’s latest post on Instagram. This speaks volumes to the type of person she truly is.

She’s unhinged and she lies. Even before this current pregnancy, all she talked about was wanting twin girls. I understand people might have gender disappointment, but do they talk about it on social media to the point where it becomes an obsession? Didn’t think so.

What’s really sad is when she says she’s missing out on a mother daughter relationship when she already has a daughter. How is her daughter going to feel when she’s older and reads this?

This is just one example. There’s plenty more where that came from.

So to be clear from here on out if she says she’s happy and thankful for her unborn twin sons, think again. That’s a bold-faced lie.

I hope you’ll reconsider writing articles about her.

23 days ago

Jamie and Doug are horrible parents. They exploit their two kids for $$$$$$ and ever since getting pregnant with twins, they’re doing the same to them.