James Huling from Big Brother 18 says Natalie Negrotti ‘still being a kid’ as former showmance drama resumes

James And Natalie BB18
James Huling and Natalie Negrotti appeared on Big Brother 18 and had a showmance going. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother showmance drama between James Huling and Natalie Negrotti is apparently continuing — quite a few years after they left the Big Brother house.

James and Natalie met as members of the BB18 cast, where James returned to play the game a second time (he was also on BB17) and Natalie appeared for the first time.

The couple had a showmance going on inside of the house, but it didn’t last very long on the outside. While James went back to Texas and the political ring, Natalie joined the cast of The Challenge on MTV.

Natalie has also been very active on social media, where she said she regretted voting for Nicole Franzel to become the Big Brother 18 winner. If she had the chance to vote again, she would give the prize money to Paul Abrahamian.

Now, Natalie is serving as a host to Big Brother boxing, a project that James has helped advertise for in the past.

James accuses Natalie of ‘still being a kid’

“Just a heads up on this event what happened. I was asked to help promote it. I guess Natalie got wind that it was possible that i would be at the event being it’s in Texas. My home state that i live and reside in,” James Huling started out a post he wrote on social media.

“The same person that asked me to promote it and come be a VIP guest texted me and messaged me on Facebook messenger that I’m now NOT welcomed at this event. ‘FIVE YEARS’ later and Natalie Negrotti is still being a kid. Some things never change!!! Hope your event is great,” James went on to write.

In the post shared below, James also shares his correspondance with one of the people putting on the event.

A new season of Big Brother taking place in 2021

There is a new season of Big Brother taking place right now. The BB23 cast just evicted another person and they are down to just 12 people competing for the new cash prize. It’s almost time for people to start getting sent to the jury house, but a very important week has to be played out first.

The new Big Brother prize is $750,000 and that caused Rachel Reilly to say that she wants to play the game again. She already wants to be a part of the Big Brother 24 cast. It would certainly be fun for a lot of fans to see the Big Brother 13 winner walk through those doors again.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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