James Duggar shows off snow-covered big house after winter storm

Jana and James Duggar hanging out.
James Duggar enjoys the winter in Arkansas. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

James Duggar isn’t too big on social media, but he likes to share snow photos.

A winter storm went through Arkansas, and James was able to catch some photos of the big house covered in snow and the property also covered in snow.

He even revealed he “loves” this time of year.

James Duggar capturing the big house covered in snow

On Instagram, James Duggar shared three photos of the big house and its property covered in snow.

He wrote, “Love this time of the year!❄️”

Snow in Arkansas isn’t unheard of, but it appears to be a novelty when it does happen.

In January, the Duggars enjoyed two days of snow fun, which James shared with followers. The hills were covered with sled tracks from the kids and grandkids, putting them to good use.

The Counting On star also took a trip to Colorado with some of his brothers and their friends and family to snowboard. James appears to love the snow, but there’s also some interest in the warmer temps as the photos he shared from the Santa Monica Pier in California seemed to show him having fun. Both James and Jason were in California before heading to Colorado on their way back to Arkansas.

What is James Duggar up to with Counting On canceled?

Even though James Duggar wasn’t a huge part of Counting On, he did appear in the later seasons for commentary on various situations.

Currently, he is one of the only single Duggar men. James and Jason don’t have girlfriends, and in a few months, Jackson Duggar will join them in the bachelor adulthood. Jeremiah Duggar will tie the knot next month, and James and some other brothers will likely stand up for him.

James has been busy working on projects with Jason. The two spend a lot of time together and often travel together. They visit Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey in Texas a lot, as they have a great relationship with Claire’s brother.

Moving forward, it’s unknown when James will court or if he has someone in mind already. Almost all of his older siblings are married, except for Jana Duggar and Jason.

James Duggar has remained in contact with Jill Duggar and even showed up to Derick Dillard’s law school graduation last spring. He appears to be a wildcard in the family, which is likely why he shares simple photos on Instagram, like the snow-covered ground around the big house.

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