James Duggar proves he is the fun uncle

James Duggar selfie.
James Duggar hung out with his nephews. Pic credit: @jamesaduggar/Instagram

Counting On star James Duggar has always appeared to be the fun uncle among the brothers.

He remains single and spends much of his time with his brother Jason and a few family friends.

James also enjoys road trips and hanging out with his big sister, Jana Duggar. The single adult siblings often spend time together, including trips to Branson.

The former reality TV star has also remained close to his big sister, Jill Duggar. Amid her estrangement from their parents, James supported Derick Dillard when he graduated law school and remains close to his nephews Israel and Samuel (and likely Freddie now too).

Followers may remember when he showed up in a firetruck to take Sam on a ride for his birthday.

It seems hanging out with his siblings’ kids is something he enjoys.

James Duggar spends time with the Seewald boys

Taking to his Instagram Story, James Duggar shared a photo of himself spending time with Jessa Duggar’s boys, Spurgeon and Henry.

James appeared in the driver’s seat as the two boys were in the back, smiling for the photo op.

He wrote over the photo, “Hanging with the boys.”

And yes, all appeared to be wearing seatbelts, with Henry behind the passenger seat and Spurgeon in the middle.

James Duggar and his nephews.
James Duggar is posing with Spurgeon and Henry Seewald. Pic credit: @jamesaduggar/Instagram

There were no details about what they were doing, but fun was likely being had.

James Duggar enjoys his travels

While courting and marriage may not be at the forefront of his mind, James Duggar appears to be more focused on traveling and doing fun things with his siblings.

James recently accompanied several of his family members and friend, Laura DeMasie, to Italy before tackling a big family trip in Jerusalem.

He has also tried making YouTube videos that follow his adventures, but that doesn’t seem to do much for him. However, his parents’ Instagram account does share on their story when he drops a video, so he has their support.

Working with his brothers and family friends seems to be what he enjoys, and much of that includes traveling. James often accompanies Jana Duggar places and enjoys spending time with Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey in Texas.

James spent time with Spurgeon and Henry Seewald over the weekend and likely gave his sister, Jessa Duggar, a break. A lot has happened in her life recently, and it seems he stepped up.

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