Is The Dead Files real? Creator Jim Casey reveals how he keeps Amy and Steve from faking it

Is The Dead Files real? Creator Jim Casey reveals how he keeps Amy and Steve from faking it
The creator of the Dead Files explains why the show is real. Pic credit: Travel

It is easy to watch a paranormal show like The Dead Files and disbelieve everything you see. However, if the show’s creator Jim Casey is to be believed, he has safeguards in place to prevent his stars from researching ahead of time.

In an interview on the Travel Channel’s website, Casey reveals how he makes sure that medium Amy Allan and former NYPD police detective Steve DiSchiavi remain authentic.

Jim Casey hides all he knows

According to Jim Casey, he sends Amy Allan into the possibly haunted locations blind. She is not given any information about the people living there, what happened to them, or the history of the house.

She is not given a chance to research it either, as he said he sends her in with no information just to see what she feels and comes up with during her walkthrough.

“Time and time again, I’ve watched Amy reveal information that she has absolutely no way of knowing – information that I have personally guarded,” Casey said. “And Amy continues to amaze me – or, more accurately, freak me out.”

As Amy’s own husband, cameraman Matthew Anderson reveals, Amy feels things and discovers things about the house that neither of them knew heading into the situation.

Her trip through the house always follows former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi’s investigation. Everything he finds is also hidden from Amy until the final reveal.

“Producing The Dead Files is like planning a covert operation. Everyone is under very strict instructions not to share any information with Amy or Matt,” Casey said. “In fact, Amy insists that we not even tell her which state she is flying into until she arrives at the airport. She also demands that we confiscate her mobile phone and computer when she arrives at her destination.”

This allows her to investigate without being able to try to look up the facts about what she is feeling.

Is The Dead Files real?

This information is all from the creator of The Dead Files, so there is a chance that he is just saying what fans need to hear in order to believe in his show.

A skeptic could believe that he tells Amy everything she needs to know before she goes in so she can say what needs to be said in order to prove the haunting is real.

However, if taken at face value, Jim Casey knows that one slip-up or one set of loose lips could sink their entire ship, so it is easy to believe what he is saying.

Yes, it is easy to believe that The Dead Files is fake and staged for entertainment purposes, but that can be said about any paranormal shows.

And where is the fun in that?

The Dead Files airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on Travel.

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Janet Ruth Brewer
Janet Ruth Brewer
3 years ago

I have learned so much from The Dead Files; it has been a life saver! PLEASE tell me that the show is going to continue on the Travel Channel. IF it goes to that stupid Discovery plus, I will never be able to see it any more.

Fractal Spiral
Fractal Spiral
1 year ago

I’m a psychic (professional, retired) so I know all the tricks used by fakers, and I trust my own intuition. I’m more an ‘Akashic Record’ reader, so I pick up different information than Ms. Allen, but what she gets and what I get usually overlaps perfectly.

I always mute the volume so I don’t hear any of the introductory dialogue. I don’t pick up as much as Ms. Allen (since I’m not actually on the scene, I miss those direct vibes, plus I don’t seem to be sensitive to anything nonhuman), but what I do get is always an exact match.

So while I might not be a famous ‘authority’ on psychic phenomenon, I am willing to give Amy Allen my endorsement. I can’t think of any other psychic I can say that about.

1 year ago

Sure seems real to me or all of these people deserve Oscars for their “acting”.