The Dead Files season premiere recap: Puppet Master

The Dead Files season premiere recap: Puppet Master
In the season premiere of The Dead Files, psychic medium Amy Allan encounters various entities during her walkthrough of the client’s home in Indianapolis. Pic credit: Travel

The Dead Files returned on Feb. 20 with its season premiere and Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigated a haunting of a house where an older couple had taken in their grandaughters only to find something haunting them.

As a reminder, The Dead Files has former NYPD homicide detective and current investigator Steve DiSchiavi investigate the cases using his police skills, following leads and interviewing people.

Amy Allan is a paranormal researcher and medium who has the ability to talk to dead people and goes on her own to the location of the haunting and sees what she can learn from the realm of the dead.

The two do not speak until the end of their individual investigation and they reveal what they found to the people who called them for help, hearing each other’s findings for the first time.

The Haunting

Julie and her husband lived in the house for 20 years and Julie said that there have been strange happenings in the house for years.

However, once they adopted their grandchildren — Alexis (4) and Briana (7) —the hauntings have gotten worse. They adopted the children because their daughter and son-in-law were unable to care for them.

Julia mentioned how she has been physically attacked. She has had over 20 surgeries since living in the house, all injuries that have no explanations.

Her husband can’t sleep in the bedroom anymore. He has been pushed down the stairs of their home by an unseen force. He has seen children’s footsteps after vacuuming. He experiences severe depression while in the house.

The children even say they have seen other kids in the house.

The Investigation

The first thing that Steve finds is that there was a murder around the property in the late 1800s.

A vagrant escaped from a boys home and was going door to door asking for money. He was shot and killed. It turns out the boys home he escaped from had men with guns who physically tortured and abused the boys.

Amy sees dead boys, who were lined up by a man with a gun, killed, and then dropped into graves.

Steve learns that an older man lived on the property. His first wife died after 11 years of marriage. His child died at the age of 11. His second wife also died 11 years after they married. His third wife — 11 years.

He finally created a church on the property and died there as an old man.

Amy sees a man in the house, an old man who is depressed. He won’t talk about family, but he just wants to leave the property to finally move on.

Finally, Steve learns of a little girl who was killed in the town years ago. A man was convicted, but it turned out later he was innocent of the murder after DNA testing, although he did sexually abuse the child when she was alive.

Another man was arrested due to the DNA, but he was also let go with a six-year sentence. He was found not guilty of murder since they could not prove he actually killed the child.

Amy also discovered that there was a living man who lived in the house who had powerful anger issues. She saw him going nuts with his anger problems, especially in the garage.

The Results

First up, the boys from the boy’s home who died at the hands of the abusive caretakers were haunting the home.

They were abused and now they want nothing more than to protect the two little girls brought into the home. They don’t realize these grandparents want to protect the girls as well.

This is why the haunting has gotten more severe since the girls moved in.

The old man who lost his three wives and son is who is causing the depression issues with Julie’s husband. He is living through that man’s pain without knowing it.

Finally, Amy also discovered that there was a living man who lived in the house who is an empath with PK abilities. This turned out to be the couple’s son-in-law.

When he got angry enough, his abilities ended up separating from him and creating a separate entity — a poltergeist.

Steve passes this off to Amy, who is the paranormal expert here.

She lets them know that if they do what she tells them, and allows a team she sends to deal with this, they can go on living in the home with no further problems.

The team can easily extract the spirits of the boys once they show the girls are in no danger. The poltergeist will be tougher, but they will have to separate it from the living host, but it can be done.

The show finally ends with Julie and her husband in great spirits two months later. They did what Amy told them to do and said there have been no problems since and their moods are brighter and things finally feel safe again.

The Dead Files airs on Travel Channel at 10/9c on Thursdays.

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