Who is Matthew Anderson, the TV personality who follows Amy with a camera on The Dead Files

Who is Matthew Anderson, the TV personality who follows Amy with a camera on The Dead Files
Matthew Anderson is the cameraman on The Dead Files. Pic credit: Travel

The Dead Files returned tonight with the season premiere titled Puppet Master. In the series, paranormal investigator Amy Allan investigates a house that a couple claims is not only haunted but is trying to kill them.

While Steve DiSchiavi is interviewing the residents, Amy is wandering the home, followed by a man with a handheld video camera, which is always strange since there is also another camera operator following with the TV cameras.

So, who is this guy with the handheld camera? Well, he is Matthew Anderson and here is what you need to know.

Who is Matthew Anderson on Dead Files?

What might surprise some people is that Matthew Anderson isn’t just some dude with a camera working for Amy Allan.

He is her husband.

In an interview on Travel Channel’s website, Anderson talks about what it is like to be with Amy, the medium who speaks to the dead people residing in the homes that she investigates.

Anderson said that when they met, he was a “hardcore skeptic” and remained skeptical at the time of the interview.

“Living with Amy is interesting,” Anderson said. “I am never quite sure what to expect… She has definitely opened my perception to things.”

He said that he does not see the dead in any way, but he now has an understanding that there are other things out there going on.

He also said that when they met, Amy did not tell him the extent of her abilities, but she did eventually tell him that she did paranormal investigations.

“I thought some little ghostbuster thing,” Anderson said. “Everybody’s got their thing.”

He then said that he thought she was crazy, but he figured it was a new relationship so he would see where it went.

Anderson works on The Dead Files

Anderson did say that when he works with her and shoots her reactions and talks to her, it doesn’t really scare or affect him.

In the season premiere episode, Amy walks through the house and it is clear what Matthew is there. She is seeing things, talking to dead people, and getting intense feelings.

As he walks with her, he asks her questions to get her to open up to the viewers about what is going on, what she is feeling, and what she thinks happened at the home.

“There are times I get worried for her,” Anderson said. “I know how it is affecting her, sometimes on a physical level.”

After years of doing investigations all over the country, he realized that she knows things she shouldn’t, although he said he won’t say it is dead people or not.

“I can’t say what it is,” Anderson finished.

The Dead Files airs on Travel Channel on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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3 years ago

He is her ex husband. Amy Allan is now married to Rob Traeger. She and Matthew divorced in 2013.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shannon

That’s what I thought. Thanks for clarifying!!

3 years ago

So is he on the show currently or not? In 2020?

3 years ago

So is he currently on the show or not? In 2020?

cathy sample
cathy sample
2 years ago

i’m in the process of writing a piece on wordpress and i needed to know matt anderson’s name since i want to refer to him in an aside. still gotta get those names right, right? so, thank you