Is Selling Sunset getting a spinoff at Netflix?

Selling Sunset could end up with a spin-off.
Maya Vander has pitched a new franchise for Selling Sunset family. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset is one of Netflix’s hottest shows, and it just might be getting a couple of spin-offs.

There is no question Selling Sunset could easily develop into a franchise with multiple shows in various cities focusing on real estate. Netflix is committed to at least two more seasons of Selling Sunset, a good sign the streaming service would consider a spin-off.

Jason Oppenheim is also interested in adding spin-offs to the Selling Sunset franchise. He is even open to an international one, with London being his top choice.

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May teases Selling Sunset Miami spin-off

In Season 3 of Selling Sunset, Maya Vander pitched the idea of opening a branch of The Oppenheim Group in Miami. Maya lives in Miami full time with her husband and two children. She travels to Los Angeles for work and to film the hit Netflix reality TV show.

In an interview with RadioTimes, Maya talks about a Selling Sunset spin-off. The glamorous real estate agent is currently running her own agency in Miami.

There are two crucial things Maya needs to convince Jason to take a shot on her and Selling Sunset in Miami.

“I just need nicer, sexy listings and a couple of crazy girls, and we’re all set. I think there is a lot of real estate, great properties here to film,” she said.

According to Maya, Jason is apprehensive because he isn’t familiar with the glitzy city. It’s a considerable investment, and Jason needs to do more research before giving Maya the green light.

Now that doesn’t mean Selling Sunset Miami isn’t going to happen. Maya simply thinks Jason needs some time but that the spin-off has a good chance of happening.

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Despite being based in Miami, Maya still plans to be part of Selling Sunset Season 4 when filming begins.

What about Selling Sunset Newport Beach?

Jason is set to open a branch of The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach.

Heather Rae Young will be leaving the Los Angeles office to head up the new branch. It is close to her home with her fiancé Tarek El Moussa.

At some point, Heather and the Newport Beach location could get a Selling Sunset spin-off. For now, though, both will be in the upcoming season of the Netflix show.

It makes sense to keep Newport Beach part of the reality TV show first and then look into a possible spin-off.

Selling Sunset could become the Real Housewives of real estate with multiple shows in various cities.

What city would you like to see a Selling Sunset spin-off in?

Selling Sunset is currently on hiatus on Netflix.

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