Is Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom sober?

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom OG.
Teen Mom OG fans are wondering about Ryan’s sobriety. Pic credit: MTV

Ryan Edwards has had a tough time since his life has played out on Teen Mom.

His sobriety has been a big part of his journey. Teen Mom OG viewers have been wondering if he is still sober, especially after watching the most recent episodes of the show.

This season has focused on Ryan and his inability to not let Maci trigger him. He has long placed blame on Bentley’s mom for the lack of relationship he has with his son, but mostly, his questionable decisions have led him to the place he is today.

Is Ryan Edwards still sober?

While some of the scenes from Ryan Edwards talking on Teen Mom OG may have some viewers worried, it appears that he is still sober. His dad, Larry, spoke to The Sun and confirmed that the reality TV star had remained clean since he was released from jail in 2019. The interview was done in October, which aligns with the footage airing on the show.

Some of the moments that have been questionable include when Bentley told Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney that Ryan arrived late to the party he attended at Jen and Larry’s house.

He also revealed that his dad and Mackenzie Standifer didn’t speak to him much, which Mac denied, causing Maci to call out Bentley’s step-mom.

The behavior was reminiscent of past occurrences when Ryan Edwards was in the throes of addiction. That is why viewers have been wondering how the Teen Mom OG dad was doing and if he was still sober.

Teen Mom OG fans question Ryan’s sobriety

Several of the recent scenes with Ryan Edwards filming have caused some Teen Mom OG fans to question his sobriety. Many mention how high he looks, which has been a long-standing thing for him while being a part of the franchise.

Teen Mom OG fan tweet about Ryan
Pic credit: @Suzanne90243320/Twitter

Based on what Jen and Larry Edwards have said about their son Ryan, it looks like he is still staying sober. His legal troubles aren’t over, though. The Teen Mom OG star is being sued following a crash.

The Teen Mom OG reunion for Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards’ parts were filming last week, and things didn’t go well. Ryan reportedly refused to appear with Maci and Taylor McKinney, which led to them sitting down with Jen and Larry instead. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well either.

Despite all of this, it appears that more work has to be done between Maci and Ryan for the sake of their son.

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