Is Kail Lowry playing the victim? Chris Lopez shares shady new post after Teen Mom 2 star threatens to move away from him

Kail Lowry on Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry on Teen Mom 2 Pic credit: MTV

Based on a recent Instagram post, it looks like Chris Lopez is throwing shade at ex Kailyn Lowry for “playing the victim card,” as she threatens to move away from him.

In last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail announced that she was hoping to move from her current home in Middletown, Delaware, and is looking at a new house in Dover. The move would bring her closer to exes Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera and further from Chris.

On the phone with a friend, Kail described how she made a mistake moving to Middletown in the first place.

She said, “I f***** up…I don’t need to drive back and forth 45 minutes to make it easier for someone who’s not contributing to our household.  My heart was in the right place, but I guess it wasn’t enough. ”

Kail added, “Chris is not stepping up as far as seeing Lux like I thought he would…before I thought it was the drive and inconvenience, but it’s obviously not that.”

The Chris Instagram post shared below, if directed at Kail, is throwing some serious shade her way, implying that her side of the story may not be entirely accurate, and that she is just looking for sympathy by playing the victim.

Chris Lopez shares Instagram post about playing the victim card
Chris Lopez shares an Instagram post about playing the victim card. Pic credit: @ChrisxLopezz/Instagram

Kail accuses Chris of being an absent father

Kail’s excuse for moving because Chris is not around for their son is just the newest claim in a long line of accusations she’s made about him being an absentee father.

Within weeks of giving birth to their son Lux, who is now three years old, Kail claimed Chris wasn’t very involved. Kail went on a Teen Mom 2 reunion telling fans “there’s no co-parenting right now.”

She even went so far as to petition the court for a name change for Lux. The petition was approved and Lux’s last name was changed from “Lopez” to “Lowry.”

Prior to the birth of their youngest son, Creed, who is now three months old, Kail even threatened to ban Chris from being present during birth.  She said, “Why would I make the call to someone who has not been helpful, consistent, empathetic or compassionate for the entire 9 months?”

The latest drama between Chris and Kail

The former couple has been making headlines recently, adding to their drama-filled past. Just a few weeks ago, Kail lashed out on her Instagram when Chris decided to cut Lux’s hair without asking her.

Kail wrote on her Instagram story, “Parenting with a narcissist be like,” with a picture of Lux’s new haircut.

Chris was quick to respond on his own Instagram live, saying “she should be happy I didn’t f***ing scalp his a**, all right?”

He told his followers, “That’s my son, so if I decide to make a decision on my son or anybody, I can.”

Days later, Chris shared a post referring to “toxic relationships” and saying how it’s okay to let go of someone or something, even if it causes pain.

Chris’s most recent message about playing the “victim card” comes after Kail’s announcement on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast telling fans that Chris demanded a paternity test for their son. Kail described being “humiliated” and left crying in the waiting room.

She told listeners, “I knew who I slept with and have never questioned any of my kid’s dads.” She added, “I am in the public eye. Why the f*** would I put myself in the position where I don’t know who the damn dad is?”

While Chris’s most recent post implies that Kail is playing the victim card, their past arguments and roller coaster relationship leave fans wondering who the real victim is here. Stay tuned for more drama as the rest of the Teen Mom 2 season continues to unfold.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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