Is James Duggar courting Lauren Caldwell? Here’s why Counting On fans think it’s happening

James Duggar standing with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on his birthday.
James is rumored to be courting Lauren Caldwell. Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

James Duggar is in the hot seat. His appearance on the boat with Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar earlier this week has sparked courting speculation.

He isn’t the first Duggar man to be linked to Lauren Caldwell, but his presence seems to be the most solid evidence in who Kendra’s sister may be interested in pursuing.

Lauren Caldwell and the Duggar men

For years, there have been rumors about Lauren Caldwell being involved with some of the younger adult Duggar men. Jason Duggar was initially linked to Kendra’s sister, but that fizzled out after he joined Instagram without a courting announcement.

Earlier this week, James Duggar was on a boat on a lake with the Caldwells. Joseph Duggar was there as well. Kendra shared photos of herself alongside her husband, children, siblings, and even her dad was on board.

There was speculation that James may be the one interested in courting Lauren Caldwell. There were no photos of her on the boat, though that doesn’t mean she wasn’t present. It could have also been a situation where he was asking permission to court Lauren from her father, Paul Caldwell.

They are both still young, but Kendra married Joseph just after her 19th birthday. Lauren celebrated her 20th birthday and James is 19. Marrying young isn’t uncommon in either family, which is why a courtship between isn’t out of the ordinary.


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It’s always fun spending time together on the lake! @thecaldwellfamily @duggarfam #lakeday #garrettdavid #addisonrenee

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Kendra and Lauren Caldwell are best friends

Since the beginning of the Caldwells sisters debuting on the reality show, it was clear they were incredibly close. Both have helped set up some of the Duggar weddings and were involved with the family because their father is the pastor of the church the Duggars attend.

For the births of both Garrett and Addison, Kendra had Lauren with her. Their mom, Christina Caldwell, was also present for the birth. She and Kendra were pregnant at the same time and Garrett is just a few months older than his uncle.

If Lauren Caldwell doesn’t marry into the Duggar family, it will be shocking. There are so many options for her when it comes to men within her age group in the family. Currently, there are four eligible men. James Duggar is the youngest of the bunch followed by Jason, Jeremiah, and Jedidiah.

No courtship announcements have been made yet. It has been almost two years since one of the Duggars were courting and planning a wedding, so it is well overdue.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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