Is Jason Duggar courting Lauren Caldwell? Kendra’s Instagram post raises speculation

Jason Duggar helping with Bahamas relief.
Jason Duggar may be courting. Pic credit: Instagram/duggarfam

There is a new courtship happening for the Duggar family and it will be revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Counting On. Speculation is that it is Jason Duggar and that he is courting Lauren Caldwell.

Earlier this year, Jason Duggar was rumored to be dating Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister, Lauren. The sisters are incredibly close and before Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s courtship was announced, it was rumored the sisters were dating brothers. At this point, nothing has been confirmed.

Recently, Kendra Caldwell shared a photo of herself with Lauren Caldwell on Instagram. She isn’t incredibly active on social media and the timing of the photo has some Counting On fans suspicious. The photo was an ad for the clothing company the Duggar family often promotes, leading to further speculation that Lauren will be marrying into the family soon.

Also highlighted was the amount of attention Jason Duggar has been getting on the Duggar family’s Instagram account. He has popped up quite frequently. While that doesn’t confirm he is the one courting, it certainly adds fuel to the speculation fire.

Currently, there are only four eligible Duggar boys for courting. Jason is one, then there are twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, and James. The twins are almost 21, Jason is 19, and James is 18. They round out the Duggar boys who are old enough to court, and Jana Duggar is the only Duggar girl who is of age and will be for quite some time.

The new episode of Counting On promises to reveal a courtship and specifically said it was one of the Duggar boys. While the show is behind several months, John-David Duggar was already married last season, so it is a new announcement.

Kendra Caldwell’s photo was perfectly timed. If it isn’t Jason Duggar courting, viewers will be shaken because everyone else has kept the big secret under wraps.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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