Is David Eason heading back to prison? Jenelle Evans’ husband facing charges for pistol-whipping former friend

Jenelle Evans husband David Eason is in serious legal trouble.
The Jenelle Evans and David Eason reunion could be short-lived. Pic credit: @JenelleEvans/Instagram

David Eason could be heading back to prison, forcing the newly reunited couple to be apart again. Jenelle Evans’ husband is facing serious charges after pistol-whipping her friend.

The altercation between David and Jenelle’s friend, James Spivey, took place at The Land. Jenelle had just left David again, but she came back with James and another friend to retrieve some clothes.

James and David had a heated exchange, resulting in threats, pistol-whipping, and both of their arrests. As David heads to court next week, he should also be preparing to spend time behind bars.

Will David go to prison?

David has a troubled history with the law. The former MTV personality has been arrested several times over the past few years. Plus, police have been called to Jenelle and David’s home frequently over the years, but not always resulting in his arrest.

David will appear in court twice in July for two different arrests. On July 6, he is scheduled to be in Columbus County, North Carolina, for deadly weapon and communicating threats against James.

The outcome will depend on the classification of the charges. Online reports are conflicting regarding whether David is facing felony or misdemeanor charges.

If the charges are felonies, the odds of David going to prison go up significantly. He could spend two years behind bars. However, if the charges are misdemeanors, David will likely not go to prison.

The other deciding factor is that David is also facing a failure to appear charge stemming from his arrest for self-towing. David heads to court for those charges on July 28.

David’s legal troubles over the past several years could play a part in whether he goes to prison too.

Jenelle and David on again

Once again, Jenelle and David’s separation didn’t last long. Jenelle was back together with her bad-boy husband, days after using social media to tell fans she was leaving David for good.

Teen Mom 2 fans knew Jenelle would end up going back to David. Despite her continuous claims she is done with him, Jenelle can’t seem to quit David.

Jenelle has been showing off her relationship on social media. The couple had a dinner date recently that Jenelle documented, letting fans know they are happily together. Well, at least until the next drama-filled moment happens for them.

Do you think David Eason will end up in prison or escape doing time again?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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3 years ago

He deserves to be in prison!!!