Is charter guest Charley Walters a Below Deck producer?

Fan theory suggests Below Deck charter guest Charley Walters is a producer on Bravo show.
Below Deck fans have taken issue with Charley and his entitled friends. Pic credit: @OlympicChaz/Twitter

There is speculation that Season 8 charter guest Charley Walters is a Below Deck producer.

Charley and his friends were the first charter guests of the season. It has made waves with fans following Charley jumping in to help stew Izzy Wouters make drinks.

Fan outrage grew after the second episode featured the group issuing some excessive demands to the crew. Charley also got slammed for his over-the-top behavior and the condescending way he spoke to staff.

Plus, the extravagant breakfast orders caused Twitter to explode, labeling the guests as the worst ever.

Charley used social media to defend his behavior, blaming it all on producers.

Captain Lee also denied knowing anything about producers requesting bad behavior.

The captain only had good things to say about Charley.

Additionally, Captain Lee has had Charley and various guests on his yacht three times during his time on Below Deck.

A Tweet claims Charley is a producer

Amid all the fan backlash came a tweet from one Below Deck fan saying Charley is actually a producer on the yachting show. The Twitter user claims to have first-hand knowledge to back up the accusation.

Tweet claims Charley Walters is below Deck producer.
Pic credit: @JuniorLobbyBoy/Twitter

Not long after the tweet, Instagram fan account @belowdeckaboveaverage shared the tweet in a post looking for additional information. It didn’t take long for the comments section to become flooded with responses calling the claim untrue.

One user admitted to being friends with a previous guest who was on Below Deck with Charley and stated he is not a producer on the show.

Instagram fan account asking for Charley Walters producer information.
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram

Charley has worked for Bravo

It seems highly unlikely that Charley is a Below Deck producer. He built his career as an Olympic journalist, working for both Bravo and People magazine to cover the Olympics.

Charley is the founder and CEO of CW3 Public Relations in Los Angeles. The TV personality has a roster of high-profile entertainment and sports clients.

Each year, he works with Nicole Kidman to put on the event Gold Meets Golden. It is an event where Golden Globe nominees mix with Olympic Gold medalists.

Below Deck is not the only Bravo show Charley has appeared on. In 2015, he was on the only season of Friends to Lovers, where couples transition out of the friend zone.

Is Charley Walters a producer on Below Deck?

No proof has been presented that Charley is a producer on the yachting show. The tweet doesn’t even spell Charley’s name right. What has been proven is that Charley knows a lot of famous people, and he has a long-standing relationship with Bravo.

The latter is probably why he has been asked multiple times to be a guest. Plus, Charley brings the drama, and Bravo is all about the drama, whether fans love him or hate him.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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