James Hough on Below Deck: Who is the deckhand that has charter guests fighting over him?

Below Deck star James Hough causes a lot of drama on the Bravo show.
Deckhand James is making waves and the Below Deck season has just begun. Pic credit: Bravo

James Hough is a new deckhand on Below Deck that has charter guests fighting over and the stews flirting with him.

The northern England native has made quite an impression on the ladies. James’ good looks and accent are hot commodities.

Bosun Eddie Lucas doesn’t quite understand why James is such a big deal. Then again, Eddie and Captain Lee Rosbach have some issues with the deckhand’s worth ethic, which is doing as little work as possible.

Charley Walters’ friends fight over James

Decider shared an exclusive preview video from the upcoming episode where two friends of primary charter guest Charley Walters fight over James.

It all begins with a game of Shag, Marry, and Kill. Charter guest Jamie ends up calling out Lexi for moving in on James when their friend, Shay, had said she had the hots for the deckhand.

If it sounds confusing, it is because everything happens quickly. Charter guest Carlos gets in the middle of it, demanding Jamie go with him to his cabin, which sends Shay into a frenzy. There is a lot of “are you kidding me” and “don’t do that” thrown around as well.

The drama unfolds even before the ladies see James in a sequin speedo doing a little dance for the group. Imagine what happens after James gives his performance.

Who is James Hough?

According to his Bravo bio, James has the drive to succeed in the yachting world, but his flirtatious nature gets him in trouble. James almost got fired from his first deckhand job because of his consistent pursuit of the female stews.

James’ Instagram feed reveals very little about the new Bravo personality. There are many selfies with captions promoting his stint on Below Deck, fitness, and showing off his good looks.

Below Deck James promoting Bravo show.
Pic credit: @JamesRHough/Instagram

Based on the first episode and his bio, fans may think that they have James all figured out. James is more than just eye-candy, though. He is a man grateful for the opportunity to see the world while making money. The deckhand has no intention of settling down or doing anything else but yachting right now.

Along with charter guests fighting over him, James may find himself in the middle of a Below Deck love triangle. He has his eye on Elizabeth Frankini, but new chief stew Francesca Rubi is smitten with the British hunk.

James Hough on Below Deck is already making waves, and the season just started. If the first two episodes are any indication, James’ flirty ways just might get him in trouble.

Fans will have to keep watching to learn more about James, including whether or not he survives the season. Captain Lee did share that two people don’t necessarily make it until the end.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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