Below Deck: Charley Walters defends behavior amid fan hate, says he was told to be ‘demanding’ to crew

Charley Walters on Below Deck blames network for his bad behavior.
Charley insists his behavior is based on what the network and producers want from a repeat guest. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck charter guest Charley Walters defends his behavior on Bravo show amid fan hate and social media backlash.

Charley claims he was told to be demanding to the crew, which is why the network keeps asking him to return.

Fans were vocal on social media regarding their dislike of Charley and his friends. Twitter had nothing good to say about the group labeled entitled douchebags and the worst guests ever on Below Deck.

The yachting show features guests that test the crew’s limits each season. However, Charley’s group pushed viewers to their limit in the second episode of Season 8.

It was painful for viewers to watch the crew endure the backhanded compliments and complaining—especially Francesca Rubi, who replaced long-time chief stew, Kate Chastain. Not having Kate on the trip was unexpected for Charley.

The guest has repeatedly stated he missed Kate. Charley even shared on Twitter if Kate had been on the charter, many of the issues would have been nonexistent.

Below deck fan twet
Pic credit: @imfeelingsocial/Twitter

Setting the record straight on social media

Charley wasted no time responding to all the backlash on social media. One user shared if he were on the Bravo show, he would be the easier charter guest. Then called Charley a “douchebag.”

The Below Deck guest had a nice and yet revealing comeback to the hater. Charley declared the Twitter user would never be hired as a guest. Bravo wants drama.

Charley defends himself against Below Deck fans
Pic credit: @OlympicChaz/Twitter

When another Twitter user shared Charley’s handle and told fans to have at it, he shared more information about the show.

“I’m used to this, gang. Do you think @BravoTV has repeat guests back to play nice and be “not demanding”? That’s not what I was told,” the guest shared.

Charley Walters stands up to haters.
Pic credit:@OlympicChaz/Twitter

After being asked to clarify if the producers asked him to be a “piece of s**t,” Charley confirmed that was the case.

Despite what viewers think, Charley and his douchebag ways are merely an act, according to him.

Below Deck Fan Tweet
Pic credit: @OlympicChaz/Twitter

Not the guy fans see on TV

One thing about Charley is he takes all the hate in stride. The more fans slammed him on Twitter the more Charley found a way to use humor to deflect the backlash.

Charley also wants to be clear there is oh so much more to him than what aired on Below Deck. The simple fact is that him being kind or nice doesn’t make for an entertaining television show. Charley has played a character all three times he appeared on the show.

Charley stands up to Below Deck fans
Pic credit: @OlympicChaz/Twitter

As fans continue to slam Charley Walter and his entitled behavior on Below Deck, he claims there is more to the story.

The anger and dislike for the repeat charter guest have him blaming Bravo. Charley doesn’t apologize for the way he acted. Instead has added some missing pieces to the puzzle.

What do you think of Charley’s response to fan backlash?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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