Is Bethenny Frankel thirsty? Former RHONY star wants to know

Former RHONY star Bethenny Frankel.
Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel asks followers if she seems “thirsty” in latest Instagram post. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel isn’t one to shy away from a cheeky Instagram post.

The 50-year-old has a long-standing reputation for stirring the pot and being vocal with her opinions. Her no-holds-barred approach to life has made for both serious and comical social media posts.

In her most recent post to Instagram, Bethenny once again opened herself with a cheeky upload asking her fans and followers a rhetorical question.

Bethenny asks followers if she seems ‘thirsty’

In her latest post, Bethenny shared a selfie with full hair and makeup while sipping from a tumbler cup.

Her caption rhetorically posed the question, “Do I look thirsty?”

While her caption may seem harmless, and maybe even a tad confusing, the term “thirsty” is often used to describe someone who is constantly seeking attention.

Naturally, the comment section was quickly flooded with supportive comments, including one reading, “Prettiest housewife ever!”

Another commented, “@bethenny no not thirsty….Amazing and beautiful!!!”

screenshot from Bethenny Frankel's Twitter.
Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

But, as with many of her social media posts, many followers seized the opportunity to criticize Bethenny and poke fun at her.

“Yes you are thirsty for sure,” wrote one follower.

Others decided to attack Bethenny’s looks in response to her question.

A follower commented, “Those upper lip lines are what smoking does ladies.”

screenshot from Bethenny Frankel's Twitter.
Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

“That upper lip looks thirsty,” wrote another in reference to the way Bethenny was sipping from the straw.

Followers call out Bethenny for nasty Meghan Markle tweets

Other fans steered the comment section toward a different subject matter – Bethenny’s critical tweets aimed at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ahead of their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In a series of mean tweets, Bethenny dragged the couple saying, “Cry me a river…the plight of being a game show host, fairly unknown actress, to suffering in a palace, [with] tiaras & 7 figure weddings for TWO WHOLE YEARS to being a household name [with] @Oprah on speed dial, fetching 7 [million] for interviews, hundreds of millions in media deals [thinking face emoji].”

She then retracted her statements after watching the interview, however, that didn’t save her from the backlash.

“No [a] little desperate tho [sic] throwing shade at ur ex’s ex…Meghan,” read one comment.

screenshot from Bethenny Frankel's Twitter.
Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Another said, “Attention seeking much? How do you have the nerve to talk about [Meghan]? You don’t even like your own mother, so how do you know anything about sacrificing for love.”

screenshot from Bethenny Frankel's Twitter.
Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

And yet another follower wrote, “Yup thirsty for attention tryin to stay relevant..who do you think you are bashing another woman for her personal struggles? Nothing beautiful here bc there’s nothing but ignorance on the inside..”

screenshot from Bethenny Frankel's Twitter.
Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Bethenny may have apologized for her ill-worded tweets, but fans and followers aren’t going to let her off the hook easily.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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