Here’s why MAFS star Chloe Brown is the Season 17 MVP

MAFS star Chloe Brown screenshot
Chloe Brown gets MVP for the season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Chloe Brown got a lot of pushback from Married at First Sight viewers when she became the replacement bride for Michael Shiakallis.

People felt the straight-laced brunette was faking it for the cameras and some even accused her of being a paid actor.

Many people didn’t realize at the time that Chloe was the only genuine cast member on the show, although we wouldn’t find that out until the end of the season.

We were obviously missing a piece of the puzzle as the relationship between the other couples played out, and now the truth is out.

During Part 1 of the reunion, the cast confessed that they devised a plot to fake their relationship for the cameras.

All except for Chloe and Michael, who joined the other couples late into the season and were not privy to the group conversation.

Here’s why Chloe Brown is the MAFS Season 17 MVP

While Chloe’s husband was exempt from the fake plot, his hands were not clean.

Michael tricked us all into thinking he was ready for marriage when his first bride left him jilted at the altar.

However, when the experts matched him with Chloe we started to see him in a different light.

On Decision Day Chloe was ready to stick things out with Michael, but he opted to get a divorce claiming he wasn’t ready for marriage – after the experts gave him a second chance.

Fast forward to the reunion where the MAFS wives were angry and bitter toward their husbands, but Chloe was the epitome of grace.

She was the only wife who opted to sit beside her estranged husband on the reunion stage – leaving us to think maybe they had reconciled, but that was not the case.

Michael admitted that he regretted his decision to divorce Chloe, but the brunette beauty had no interest in revisiting that part of her life.

The 39-year-old reasoned that the moment he chose to walk away from their marriage she knew he was not her person, and she’s hopeful the man of her dreams is out there somewhere.

MAFS fans applaud Chloe on social media

After the reunion, MAFS fans took to X to applaud Chloe for being the only genuine person on the show this season.

“Chloe is a queen and that’s really all I have to say. All these other ladies need to sit down and take some notes. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight,” wrote one commenter.

“Chloe came off the best, hoping her soulmate comes along soon 💜,” wrote someone else.

MAFS viewer comments on X
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @BeautyNDaBears/@FromtheFryer/X

“Chloe is so classy these other MAFS Misfit Barbies need to take notes,” wrote one commenter.

“Chloe…. You were too mature for this season sis #MAFS #MAFSDenver,” wrote someone else.

How do you feel about Chloe Brown now that the season has ended? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Kim Tafur
Kim Tafur
2 months ago

I haven’t seen the reunion episode yet, but I loved Chloe. She was the only grown up on the show.

2 months ago

Chloe Brown should be the next Bachelorette.

1 month ago

Chloe is the ONLY bright spot in the ridiculous Denver MAFS cast!!! She is a class act!! What a joke these other cast members were!! They single handedly ruined MAFS for so many fans!! I doubt I will ever watch again….and I have watched every season!! I sure hope Chloe finds her forever person and has a beautiful life! Gracious, she definitely deserves it!! Her soulmate will be one lucky man!
PLEASE don’t give anymore air time to the rest of the cast! I’m hoping we can forget them like a bad dream.

1 month ago

She is the fakest one of the whole bunch!
She seems to think her s**t does not stink!

Looks like she uses Black Shoe Polish on her hair!

Not sure how anyone writing this article thinks she is the MVP??

She grew up around celebrities. Is anyone sure she is Not one?