MAFS spoiler: Here’s what happens with Chloe and Michael on Decision Day

MAFS couple Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown screenshot
Did Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown stay married on Decision Day? Pic credit: Lifetime

We have some Decision Day tea to spill about the only couple still standing, Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown.

This season was a total fail as four couples have already called it quits – most didn’t even make it to Decision Day.

However, Michael and Chloe tied the knot later in the season, which means they weren’t on the same timeline as the other matches.

Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet, Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr, and Becca Haley and Austin Reed made their decisions in Episode 20.

All but one couple chose to get divorced, but although Becca and Austin opted to stay married, they split for good the next day.

So far, 90 percent of the matches this season have ended in divorce, but before you throw the whole season away, you can still hold out hope for Chloe and Michael, but should you?

Here’s what happened between Chloe and Michael on Decision Day

If you want to wait until Decision Day for the big reveal, you should skip the next few lines, but if you want all the juicy details keep reading.

Instagram account @mafsfan has never steered us wrong, and the fan page recently shared an update on Michael and Chloe’s Decision Day episode.

It’s official, Season 17 was a total bust because Michael and Chloe opted to get divorced – or at least one person did.

Surprisingly, Michael said “no” to staying married while Chloe said “yes.”

MAFS Season 17 spoiler
Some Decision Day details. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

That might surprise viewers, but Michael’s conversation in the last episode gave us clues that he wasn’t fully in especially since he hasn’t told his mom that he got married.

Dr. Pia questioned that decision during her recent session with the couple, but Chloe claimed she was fine with his reason for keeping their marriage a secret.

MAFS viewers will be disappointed in Michael’s decision

Michael has been teasing MAFS fans with cute photos and videos with Chloe and folks love the couple.

Most recently he posted a snap from the latest episode which showed their visit to an animal sanctuary.

“I really appreciated and enjoyed seeing Chloe in her element and the glimpse into her dream of having an animal sanctuary,” wrote Michael in his caption.

Michael Shiakallis Instagram post
Michael and Chloe pose for a snap. Pic credit: @_mikeyishere/Instagram

“I love you two I truly hope you stay together you are a beautiful couple 😊❤️,” wrote one commenter.

 “I am so happy for you two!❤️❤️❤️,” wrote someone else.

One viewer wrote, “I really hope with all of my heart you guys make it.”

Another added, “Awww people after my own heart! My heart is melting.🫠 Y’all are sooo lucky!🥰.”

“Love you two,” wrote someone else

MAFS fans want Chloe and Michael to stay together
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @_mikeyishere/Instagram

Meanwhile, there will be a lot of disappointed MAFS viewers when Michael and Chloe’s Decision Day episode plays out.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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You come across as very sincere, Michael.

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Thanks alot! Now I don’t need to watch on Wednesday.