MAFS spoilers: Does Chloe think Michael will say no on Decision Day?

MAFS couple Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown
Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown discuss Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

A new episode of Married at First Sight is on the way, and the spotlight will be on the only couple still standing, at least for now, Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown.

While Decision Day has already played out for the other matches, it’s still looming for Michael and Chloe.

A teaser for Episode 21, Climbing Down from Decision Day, features the pair in deep conversation about their big decision.

Interestingly, there seems to be a major miscommunication between the two or some tricky editing.

During the conversation, Chloe asks Michael what he would do if they had to make an immediate decision.

However, she must’ve heard a different response than what was shown in the clip, as she’s convinced her husband would say no to staying married.

Will Michael say ‘no’ to Chloe on Decision Day?

The Season 17 couples are dropping like flies, and at this point, our only hope is Chloe and Michael.

A teaser for the new episode shows the duo celebrating their one-month anniversary at Beer Spa in Denver.

“I think we’re on a trajectory of where we could one day be in love,” says Michael as the clip shows him locking lips with his wife.

During a moment of relaxation, Chloe asks, “If Decision Day was tomorrow, what would you say?”

“What I would need to say ‘yes’ is just to feel like, that we’ve not only created an emotional connection–which I think we did–but that I wanna continue in this marriage, which I think is like a significant level up,” reasons Michael.

Meanwhile, based on Chloe’s response, something got lost in translation or on the editing floor.

“I think I might be kinda hearing a little bit that if Decision Day was tomorrow, you might be feeling like it’s a no,” she says.

MAFS fans are confused by Chloe’s response

After the clip played out, MAFS fans were left confused, but we’ll have to wait for the entire episode to get more clarity.

“Was part of the conversation left out of this clip?! I’m unclear on how she heard ‘no’ from what he said. 🤔” wrote one commenter.

“What the heck did Michael just say? Did they cut some of it out because it doesn’t make sense to me as is,” confessed someone else.

MAFS viewers comment on Michael and Chloe
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

One person said, “I didn’t hear a no in his answer, could she be reading something into this that hints towards what her answer would be?…”

Another said, “She misread that lol she’s just hopeful for a no.”

Do you think Chloe and Michael will say no to staying married? Share your views in the comments.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 month ago

I hope they stay together; however, Chloe and the number of animals and kids — ugh. Her dream may not align with Michael – sadly.

1 month ago

She is an actress hired to be his partner.