The 90 Day Fiance cast members with the most interesting Instagrams

Evelin, Paul, and Larissa
There is a handful of 90 Day Fiance cast that have the most interesting Instagrams for the content they post and the interactions they make. Pic credit: TLC

Almost all of the cast members that have been on 90 Day Fiance have Instagrams and most of them use the social platform very actively to either share details of their lives with their fans, flex, or try and make their followers envious, or for promotional reasons.

The cast members that tend to either overshare, get in arguments with their followers, clap back at negativity, post very risque content, or go out of their way to connect to their followers are the ones that have the best Instagrams.

Lots of scandalous or crazy information slips through the cracks of some of the pages of the 90 Day cast and those are the pages that many 90 Day gossip seekers are looking for.

The 90 Day Fiance cast on this list are the ones that have the most fascinating Instagrams because of the types of things they share, the information that often gets leaked, and the general ridiculousness of what they post that gets negative feedback.

While some of the people on this list are guilty of posting and then deleting their content, the things they post are still around long enough for followers to notice and often times capture.

On this list, you will find an explanation as to why these cast members’ Instagrams are interesting and one of the more engrossing posts from their pages is included.

1. Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva
Natalie’s Instagram includes controversy, haters, and selfies. Pic credit: TLC

Recently, Natalie came under fire when she made a since-deleted post supporting Geoffrey Paschel after he was convicted of aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault. The intense backlash from her post prompted her to deactivate her Instagram for a few days.

Outside of controversial support posts, Natalie posts cringy and heavily filtered pictures and videos that always draw criticism from her haters.

In one of her recent videos, she claimed to know the secret to getting cast on reality TV and promoted her knowledge in a bizarre video.

2. Ariela Weinberg

Ariela Weinberg
Ariela posts strange things sometimes and is known to clap back at followers. Pic credit: TLC

When Ariela isn’t clapping back at followers who insult her behavior on the show, she is posting odd pictures that receive a lot of criticism.

Most recently, her set of Halloween pictures, where it looks like she is trying to be sexy, did not go over well and were widely made fun of.

Ariela is also not shy about sharing the cosmetic procedures she has done, although she claims they’re for medical reasons.

Ariela Weinberg's IG post
Ariela posts strange pictures with the comments turned off sometimes and uses the platform for promotion. Pic credit: @arielladanielle/Instagram

3. Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima
Larissa promotes her adult content and posts boundary-pushing photos on her racy Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Since being fired from the 90 Day Fiance franchise for performing on a cam show, Larissa has doubled down and now uses her Instagram as a gateway to her OnlyFans.

Larissa’s over-the-top revealing pictures get a lot of commentary from shocked onlookers who tend to remark at how much work she has had done.

Larissa recently posted a picture after her second breast augmentation surgery to make her boobs even bigger. What many noticed, however, was the bandage over her belly button which had to be reconstructed from damage done in a previous procedure.

Larissa’s followers can count on the former star sharing all the details about her plastic surgery.

Larissa also regularly does Q&As with her fans where she tends to answer even the negative questions or comments she gets.

4. Ash Naeck

Ash Naeck
Ash’s existential or socio-political posts tend to garner positive and negative attention. Pic credit: TLC

Ash drew criticism on Before the 90 Days for his views on gender roles and the way his character came off after a disastrous seminar he gave on the show.

Ash’s controversial takes on existential and socio-political issues carry over to his Instagram where he regularly posts subjective content. To that end, Ash receives both negative and positive comments, both of which he tends to reply to.

He is not afraid to share his personal beliefs on the social platform and also confronts criticism.

5. Angela Deem

Angela Deem
Angela has gotten into the selfie game and she also posts her beef with others and about the 90 Day people she hangs out with. Pic credit: TLC

Since Angela underwent a number of surgeries to make herself look better she has been very active on Instagram on her page posts and in stories.

She frequently posts videos or pictures of herself at political rallies, parties in LA, and out with fellow 90 Day Fiance cast members.

When she is not posting to be seen she is starting drama with cryptic story posts, like a recent feud she aired with her ex-best friend Jojo.

Angela’s selfie and filter game has also drawn an immense amount of criticism from viewers who remember what Angela used to look like and the things she’s been doing to achieve her new looks.

6. Stephanie Matto

Stephanie Matto
Stephanie uses her Instagram for promotion for her other adult platforms but does post risque content. Pic credit: TLC

Stephanie uses her Instagram as one big thirst trap to promote her bustling adult content platforms. Stephanie is not afraid to shamelessly promote herself and different streams of income while making her followers drool.

She is also known to do very informationally revealing Q&As with her followers where she often addresses criticism that she gets.

It is also common knowledge that she tends to post things about herself that may not be true for clout.

Before announcing that she would be a cast member on Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Stephanie was all over her Instagram with YouTube personality yourwetsock1 claiming that they were engaged. Weeks later after the announcement of her role on The Single Life, she said she was single.

7. Evelin Villegas

Evelin Villegas
Evelin vents her frustrations on Instagram and it usually makes for a spectacle. Pic credit: TLC

Evelin loves to air her dirty laundry with Corey and bash him publically before deleting what she had posted. She gets very worked up and angry and vents her feelings and frustrations on Instagram, so it is a very good place for 90 Day viewers to get a perspective on her.

When she is not humiliating Corey, she is posting a bunch of Instagram stories about partying in Ecuador with her sisters or with random people at clubs and bars.

Sometimes, Evelin makes posts defending herself and urging viewers not to judge her while letting her haters know that she sees their comments and is sensitive.

Evelin Villegas' IG post
Evelin overshares and gets angry on her Instagram page before frequently deleting her posts. Pic credit: @evelin_villegas_ecuador/Instagram

8. Megan Potthast

Megan Potthast
Megan spills the tea on her Instagram and has dedicated fans who love her cooking recipes and TikTok videos. Pic credit: TLC

Megan is not a main 90 Day Fiance cast member but she does know how to make herself relevant and draw attention on Instagram.

When her sisters-in-law and Andrei won’t talk about the issues presented on the show Megan will. While Happily Ever After? was airing Megan often did Q&As with her followers or just came right out with inside information about the Potthast family.

Megan also has an interesting Instagram because she promotes her OnlyFans which has some of the raunchiest content of all the 90 Day cast members.

More recently, Megan’s Instagram has been about TikTok dance videos and cooking recipes which have earned her a dedicated following. If viewers want to catch a glimpse of her relationship with Charlie, Instagram is also the best place for photos and details from Megan on that.

9. Paul Staehle

Paul Staehle
Paul often posts about his personal drama in Instagram stories and keeps his Instagram page drama-free. Pic credit: TLC

Paul loves to overshare details of his personal life that might be too intrusive or embarrassing. He posts information about his marriage to Karine being on the rocks, suspicions he has about her, and other sensitive information about her that she may not want shared.

Paul recently posted about a kidney stone he had passed and went so far as to present a photo of the kidney stone in an Instagram story, which was way more than followers needed to see.

Paul’s Instagram posts tend to be on the quiet side and it’s important to note that it’s in his Instagram stories where he shares a lot. He is also a serial post-and-delete offender like many others on this list.

The picture of Karine and the kids with Paul’s mom is what is shown on his Instagram page, but just recently, he took to his Instagram story to bash his mother and the relationship she has with his kids.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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