90 Day Fiance: Ariela responds to troll who called her ‘desperate’ for going to Ethiopia to find a man

Ariela Weinberg
Ariela had a comeback for a hater who called her desperate in the comments of her picture. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Ariela Weinberg is used to dealing with hateful people and comments online, and she usually takes it with a grain of salt and a witty comeback.

This was her exact tactic towards her latest critic who had a problem with Ariela finding her man Biniyam in Ethiopia.

Ariela has been judged and vilified on everything from her privileged upbringing and financial support from her parents, to her use of cosmetic surgery and need for a nanny.

She has been smart enough to pick and choose her battles on social media so far, and she tends to exercise a mature approach towards offensive comments, as she did in a retort to her most recent critic. The critic was calling her desperate for going to Ethiopia to find a man.

Ariela Weinberg clapped back at a hater who called her desperate for finding her man in Ethiopia

Ariela had some smart words for someone who unnecessarily was throwing shade at her in the comments of a post.

The uncalled-for comment from Ariela’s most recent critic read, “She is so desperate so many Handsome men in America no but she has to go all the way to [Ethiopia] for this.”

Ariela replied, “@_tacharaimone what can I say? I like the adventure ??”

IG comment from Ariela Weinberg
Ariela clapped back at the troll who was talking bad about her. Pic credit: @arieladanielle/Instagram

Fans of Ariela and Biniyam and viewers of The Other Way know by now that Ariela is a free spirit who happened to fall in love while traveling around Africa.

Although their relationship has had its public pitfalls, they have also shared loving moments that prove what they are in the relationship for.

The Other Way viewers have not reacted well to Ariela Weinberg’s relationship with her ex-husband

Ariela has been called out for having a double standard when it comes to talking with exes amid her ex-husband Leandro’s arrival in Ethiopia for a visit. She famously snatched Biniyam’s phone and demanded to go through it last season when she was jealous.

Leandro also brought Ariela bras, which many felt was inappropriate, including Biniyam. Ariela also made a comment that Leandro had a chance to have a baby with her that rubbed viewers the wrong way.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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