Harrison Luna on Love Island USA: Job, age, height and everything else we know

harrison luna during love island usa 5
Harrison Luna arrived at the villa as one of the Bombshells for Love Island USA 5. Pic credit: Peacock

Harrison Luna arrived on Love Island USA as a surprise for the women after many were upset over how specific castmates had treated them.

The hunky cast member showed up to the villa on Day 4 wearing a fancy suit and mask for the masquerade party.

He’s the third Bombshell to arrive in Fiji during Season 5, joining Hannah Wright and Carmen Kocourek.

In addition to being handsome and charming, Harrison also had a noticeable accent, and it was revealed that he wasn’t from the United States like the rest of his castmates.

He wasn’t coupled up during his debut episode, but that’s likely to change as several ladies were interested in the newest man.

Here’s what we know about Harison on Love Island, including his job, age, height, interests, and more.

Who is Harrison Luna on Love Island USA?

Harrison is a 26-year-old diamond dealer from Adelaide, South Australia. Early on, he informed the cast that he trades gold and diamonds, which he is passionate about.

The stunning Bombshell walked into the villa during Episode 4 dressed like he was appearing on The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

He also told his castmates they now have a connection if they need any jewelry later on. Harrison also revealed he’d held various jobs before becoming a diamond dealer, including shirtless serving and driving.

Upon his arrival, he mentioned his dreamgirl is “bubbly, intellectual,” and can have a “bit of banter” with him. He said his “biggest turn-on is confidence” and “when a girl goes for what she wants.”

He also revealed that he’s 6-foot-4 and brings “the presence and everything else that comes with it.”

Did Harrison develop an early romantic connection?

Harrison got to know the rest of his castmates during their outdoor masquerade party, which included a game called Unmask the Truth. A fact describing one of the cast members was read, and the person whose turn it was had to kiss who they thought it was about.

Jasmine chose to kiss Harrison for her turn, although the clue wasn’t about him. Based on the footage and castmates’ reactions, their kiss also lasted quite a while.

For Harrison’s card, it ended up being that he’d lost his virginity in a threesome. It was Kay Kay’s turn, and she correctly kissed him, also as a way to get back at her man for kissing another woman during the game.

During the game, he also said in a confessional interview that he felt Jasmine’s fact about how she got revenge on her ex was a “red flag.”

However, Harrison began getting to know Jasmine as they had a private chat away from the masquerade party. Jasmine said meeting this new man happened at the right moment, as she’d been feeling upset over losing her guy Victor to Bombshell Carmen in the previous episode.

She admitted she felt a lot of attraction to the newest guy at the villa, and he was just the type she’d been hoping for on Love Island. It remains to be seen if Harrison will feel that same vibe or go for a different woman in Fiji.

Where to find Harrison on social media

Fans can follow Harrison at the handle @harrisonluna for his official Instagram page. He currently boasts over 36,000 followers and has nearly 600 posts.

Those include many photos of him dressed up, down, or shirtless. Harrison indicates in his bio that he’s interested in gold, diamonds, and fitness.

While Harrison has plenty of photos on his IG to make everyone swoon, he also revealed potential interests, including travel, playing billiards, and enjoying sports.

Several photos on Harrison’s IG also show him with a woman, Ashley Bright, who he’d been with several years before Love Island USA. Ashley doesn’t appear in any recent posts on his page from the past year or so.

Viewers will be watching to see if Harrison finds an ideal romantic connection with one of the gorgeous women during his stay at the villa on Love Island USA 5!

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

All episodes of Love Island are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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