Hannah Ferrier speaks out about Lara Flumiani quitting Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Med star Hannah Ferrier reacts to Lara Flumiani leaving.
Hannah doesn’t hold back when it comes to Lara. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier is speaking out about Lara Flumiani quitting Below Deck Mediterranean after only one charter.

Viewers watched as Lara told Captain Sandy Yawn she was no longer comfortable working on the yacht due to the drama with Hannah. Lara chose her own happiness over money. She didn’t even board the boat to retrieve her things.

The second stew left The Wellington crew a man short for its second charter. It was challenging for Hannah and third stew, Jessica More, but both preferred being shorthand to having Lara on the team.

Days after the episode aired where Lara left, Hannah shared her thoughts on the departure. It should not surprise anyone that Hannah was just fine with Lara opting to quit before Hannah had to fire her.

Lara was insubordinate

Hannah got candid in an interview with Decider regarding her true feelings about Lara. She shared that Lara was the most insubordinate stew that Hannah had ever worked with in her lengthy career.

The chief stew is used to getting attitude from those who work with her. Lara’s was off the charts, though. Hannah declared Lara had her “boxing gloves on” the moment she boarded the yacht.

“With Lara, there was nothing I could do,” Hannah explained.

She shared that Lara took breaks when she wanted, leaving Hannah and Jess to run the interior. If Hannah asked Lara to do something instead of taking a break, Lara would say Hannah was working her like a slave.

Having no stew at all was better than Lara

The moment the drama with Lara began, Hannah knew she would be better off with no stew than the Italian beauty.

“The longer hours, the more work, the more stress I can handle. I’ve done it all. It’s fine. That is easier for me to deal with than someone who is legitimately making my blood boil,” Hannah shared with Decider.

When Lara quit, Hannah got her wish granted of having no stew over Lara. Hannah admitted it was so much better without the drama.

Life on the yacht was so bad with Lara that the mere sight of her would send Hannah into a frenzy. It was astonishing to the chief stew how someone who was only on the team a short time could have just a negative impact.

Lara Flumiani is gone as the second stew on Below Deck Med. Hannah’s happiness could be short-lived, though. Based on the preview for the next episode, Lara’s replacement is not someone Hannah likes too well.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Blue Winter
Blue Winter
3 years ago

Hannah is Handsdown the WORST EVER. She makes me HATE her EVERY season every episode every scene!

3 years ago

I understand Lara had an attitude however, now Hannah has a problem with bugs. Hannah in my opinion is somewhat a good chief stew but Hannah as a chief stew needs an attitude adjustment as well. It seems she has alot of problems with most of her stews and recently she has an attitude towards the “Guests” by just smiling. That smile is so FAKE and the guests are seeing right thru her. As a chief, Manager or whomever as a leader should STOP talking behind peoples backs and treat the stews equal and know how to handle people Which she does not. And the crying and attitude is too much. I hope they change they get another cheif bc i think she can’t handle it anymore. She’s burnt out. Just my thoughts