Haleigh Broucher from Big Brother shares the best possible life update

Haleigh On Big Brother 20
Haleigh Broucher played during the Big Brother 2018 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 20 alum Haleigh Broucher is living her best life.

In the summer of 2018, Big Brother fans met her when she joined the BB20 cast.

At the time, Haleigh was a college student from Texas.

Though she was part of a strong alliance, the Hacker twist and some missteps by her closest allies doomed the group.

Haleigh got taken out by the Level Six alliance (Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark, Rachel Swindler, Tyler Crispen, and Winston Hines).

As part of the BB20 jury, Haleigh voted for Tyler to beat Kaycee. But Kaycee won the close vote (5-4) to take home the $500,000 prize.

Haleigh Broucher looks back on her life

For Big Brother fans who haven’t been keeping up with her, Haleigh is dating an NBA player.

The couple spends lots of time together and are frequently spotted in social media posts.

Having a good relationship with her significant other and her personal successes likely led to her new Twitter post.

“Not to be corny or anything but I could cry looking at my life now compared to 5 years ago,” Haleigh posted on Twitter.

Roughly five years ago, she was preparing to play Big Brother 20. Her life shifted once she was on reality television.

“I meant this in a positive way for context,” Haleigh later posted as a clarification.

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale was one of the first people to comment. Taylor left a simple heart emoji to let Haleigh know she was supported.

Many other Twitter followers also shared their support for Haleigh.

Haleigh Broucher Tweet
A special tweet from Haleigh Broucher. Pic credit: @haleighbroucher/Twitter

If Big Brother does another season that features returners or a theme, Haleigh could be an exciting choice.

Giving Haleigh a second chance at Big Brother would be one way to see if she learned some lessons from the BB20 season. She was good at the game but got outplayed and “twisted” out of the house.

More Big Brother news

A new season of Big Brother arrives during the summer of 2023.

The producers revealed BB25 is a cast of all-new houseguests, giving fans a new group of people to cheer on.

The upcoming Big Brother season has also been extended, which means more episodes for fans to enjoy.

A $750,000 prize will go to the Big Brother 25 winner, and the live feeds are back.

As everyone waits for the new season to begin, Paramount+ provides streaming of past installments.

Fans can even use Paramount+ to watch Haleigh Broucher playing Big Brother 20.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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