Grandma Mary Duggar death: How did the Counting On grandma die?

Grandma Mary Duggar 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Grandma Mary Duggar’s services will air on Counting On. Pic credit: TLC

Grandma Mary Duggar passed away on June 9, 2019. It was incredibly unexpected as the family had just spent time with her at church earlier in the day.

The Duggar family announced Grandma Mary’s passing late that same night, though her cause of death wasn’t disclosed until a few days later. Initially, it was assumed that she had a stroke, though that was not the case.

It was revealed that Grandma Mary Duggar had accidentally drowned. How the events transpired were never released, but Deanna Duggar was the one who found her mother and made the 9-1-1 call from her Arkansas home.

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Counting On will be closing out the season with the news of Grandma Mary Duggar’s death and her services. As the notifications began to go out, the Duggar family members prepared to say goodbye to their matriarch. From the beginning, Grandma Mary was a part of the show, and watching as she is laid to rest may be emotional for some viewers.

Tonight, Counting On will air the season finale. It will end with the services for Grandma Mary Duggar. The sneak peek showed some of the Duggar family members filing in the church and some of the Duggar men carrying Grandma Mary’s coffin to the hearse. In previous previews, some of the other children spoke and shared memories.

Following the passing of Grandma Mary Duggar, several of her grandchildren shared special moments on social media. Amy Duggar King has taken the loss especially hard because her grandmother helped to raise her. Deanna Duggar is a spitting image of her mom, Mary, something that Amy has noticed and talked about on social media.

As Counting On closes out the season, the Duggars can move on from the events of the past year. While there has been no official renewal from the network, the cameras have been filming all year long.

Counting On is expected to return sometime in 2020.

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