Former RHOA star Falynn Guobadia shows off her baby girl, says family is her priority

Falynn Guobadia shows off her baby girl.
Falynn Guobadia shows off her baby girl and says that family is her priority. Pic credit: @falynn/Instagram

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Falynn Guobadia recently shared an adorable photo of her baby girl on her Instagram. 

Falynn and baby Emma were seemingly posing for the pic in a play yard. 

Falynn says that her family is her priority

Many viewers may know Falynn from season 13 of RHOA, and some may know her as Simon Guobadia’s ex-wife. 

Falynn took to Instagram to share a cute pic of her daughter Emma. 

Falynn captioned the photo, “My family is always my first priority.” 

Falynn is living her best life with her new baby and beau, Jaylan 

Falynn is now in a happy and secure relationship with Jaylan Pina. She and Jaylan broke the news of their engagement back in October of 2021, shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy. 

Although things are seemingly smooth in Falynn’s life now, with her fiance Jaylan, she faced a lot of scrutiny from the public regarding the birthdate of baby Emma. 

Fans speculated that Falynn’s daughter Emma might have been conceived sooner than Falynn and Jaylan were letting on. 

Initially, Falynn had publicized that she became pregnant in June, which would put her timeline further into December; however, baby Emma came earlier than expected, leaving fans to wonder if Falynn and Jaylan were dating while Falynn was still actively with Simon. 

Many speculated that Simon only got with Porsha to get back at Falynn.

Some believe that shortly after he and Falynn separated, he would try and get her back but soon learned that she was pregnant and then, out of spite, became intimate with her friend Porsha

One fan commented, “I believe that Falynn got pregnant when they were separated. I believe that Simon was going to try to get Falynn back but then discovered she was pregnant so to hurt her, he started dating Porsha. That makes sense to me.” 

Some fans feel Simon only wanted to get back at Falynn for falling pregnant while they were separated.
Pic credit: LailahLynn/YouTube

Fans also had a lot to say about the timing and gestational age of baby Emma. 

One fan commented, “As a qualified midwife, I can say with confidence and without prejudice that the texture of the baby’s skin shows that she is a full term and possibly even a post mature baby which is a baby that is delivered after 40 weeks gestation!! A premature infant’s skin is very different in texture!!”

A midwife weighs in and shares her knowledge.
Pic credit: LailahLynn/YouTube

Although Falynn is no longer on RHOA, she definitely left her stamp in Real Housewives history and brought the much-needed drama. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c.

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