Florita Diaz throws shade at Jeremy after Love Island USA elimination

Florita Diaz from Love Island USA
Florita Diaz from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram

Former love Island USA Islander Florita Diaz loves keeping her fans updated on Instagram.

When Florita learned she was leaving the island, she broke down and embraced Jeremy Hershberg for a long time. Both were crying and she told him how much she loved him and that she would miss him.

This was a rare case where a couple was broken up against their will thanks to fan votes and fellow Islanders’ decision-making.

However, once she left the villa, Florita was singing a different tune.

Florita blasts Jeremy after leaving Love Island USA

When Florita left the villa, she regained control of her Instagram account. She ended up doing three things.

First, she gave an Instagram Stories live video talking about her time on the island.

Second, she opened up her Instagram to a Q&A with her fans and answered several of their questions.

Finally, she went out on the town with Javonny Vega, Aimee Flores, and Wes Ogsbury.

In the Q&A, she dropped a bomb on her fans.

When a fan asked if she saw a future with Jeremy, Floirta quickly answered with two sentences.

“Absolutely not,” she answered. “Not after seeing his true colors.”

This is a huge turnaround from her sad departure and embrace of the man. One wonders if she was able to binge-watch what happened before she arrived and after she was there.

One other question she answered might reveal that.

A fan asked what she saw on TV that changed her impression of Jeremy.”

“I actually didn’t like the way he went about with Trina and I really wished I knew how it all really went down,” Florita said. “Also the fact that he lied on TV saying that he never told me that him and Aimee are more on a friendship level.”

“If I had known I would’ve never chose him and stayed with Korey who my feelings were always stronger with anyway! I truly don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but he could have definitely gone about it a different way.

“Jeremy is a very sweet guy from my experience but what he did was not cool.”

Florita Love Island Jeremy posts
Florita Diaz dishes tea on Jeremy. Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram

Jeremy’s time on Love Island USA

While the Islanders voted to keep Jeremy on Love Island USA, fans do not like him.

Much like Florita, the fans at home have a chance to see what he is doing on TV and the Islanders don’t.

Jeremy started off with Trina and led her on until he decided she was too sexually aggressive and he just wanted to be friends. When he left her, he picked up with newcomer, Aimee. However, once Aimee fell for him, he decided he just wanted to be friends with her.

Then, Florita was there and he told her he only looked at Aimee like a friend, but he never told Aimee, breaking her heart.

Once Florita learned the full truth, she realized she made a bad choice by choosing Jeremy over Korey Gandy.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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