Felicia reveals she was isolated after Big Brother 25 houseguests learned about her brother dying during season

Felicia Cannon on BB25
Big Brother 2023 season featured Felicia Cannon. Pic credit: CBS

A new Big Brother 25 interview was done with Felicia Cannon, who gave a deep dive into her experiences as a houseguest this past season.

One topic that Felicia touched on was how she felt isolated late in the season. When only five houseguests remained, Felicia and Cirie Fields split off in one direction, and Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, and Bowie Jane went the other way.

Some Big Brother fans noted how it appeared the trio of Matt, Jag, and Bowie Jane was isolating Felicia and that it got even worse after Cirie was evicted. A new interview suggests they knew Felicia had also recently lost her brother.

Toward the end of BB25, it was revealed that Felicia’s brother died while Big Brother was filming. She decided to continue playing the game, and the topic was never addressed on the show.

Looking back on the season, the signs were there that Felicia was dealing with something, even though she didn’t speak about it to the live feed cameras.

Following the Big Brother 25 season finale, Felicia has been open about everything that took place during the 100-day season.

Felicia Cannon speaks about getting isolated on Big Brother 25

In a new interview with Bounced Checks from Silent Podcasts, Felicia spent roughly three hours discussing the Big Brother 25 season.

In the clip below, Felicia references how she felt isolated in the house when only five people were left. She also tells a brief story about how she went to the kitchen with Jag, Matt, and Bowie Jane, but they wouldn’t speak to her.

Felicia also touches on another topic she claims production wouldn’t let her bring up in the house.

As she spoke more about her perceived isolation, she also touched on the other houseguests knowing about her brother’s passing.

This tidbit hadn’t been revealed before, as it had been assumed that Felicia was told, but she kept it to herself. She says that was not the case.

People watching the interview live were taken aback and posted about it on social media.

“I’m LIVID!!! The MFers knew about Miss Felicia brother’s passing! I’m so mad rn!” posted one Twitter user.

A reaction to Felicia’s interview. Pic credit: @maximusmom13/Twitter

“Oh wow so Jag, Matt and Bowie treated her that way KNOWING she was navigating loss… that’s truly disgusting #bb25,” responded another Big Brother fan.

“Yes!” was the response from the original user.

Felicia BB25 Responses
A Big Brother fan is frustrated about some players. Pic credit: @Melyorkie/Twitter

Readers who want to watch the full Felicia Cannon interview can do so below. She covers many additional topics, including her friendship with Cirie Fields.

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2 months ago

I’ve been so excited about the reindeer games. But seeing that Taylor will be on it as such a letdown. It took the joy out of it for me☹️