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Erik dishes on past MAFS episode says ‘I do regret some of the things and how I said them’

Erik admits he has some regrets about how he’s handled things this season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Although the match of Erik and Virginia started off with fireworks on the latest season of Married at First Sight, they’re slowly starting to realize they do have their differences in opinion.

Not only do they have one of the biggest age gaps thus far in franchise history, one of the couple’s first arguments was when Erik famously told his new wife that he didn’t believe that girls and guys could be just friends.

Erik admits he has some regrets about the honeymoon

On the honeymoon, Virginia revealed that she never lived with a boyfriend but had a male roommate in the past.

After finding out she had a lot of guy friends, Erik admitted, “I don’t necessarily agree with certain aspects of that. I just have certain rules of what guys -“

“Rules? Oh, we got rules now?,” Virginia replied.

“Because I know how guys operate,” he quickly replies. “You could be best friends with a random guy, that dude, no matter, what, has probably thought about hooking up with you, or like, being with you, 100%.”

It’s clear this didn’t sit well with her as Virginia is shown in another clip crying about what her new husband told her.

On the MAFS post-talk show Unfiltered, host Jamie Otis asks Erik how he feels about the situation after being able to watch it back.

After reflecting, he admits what he said, “comes across differently from what he actually feels.”

“I think in the moment, you know, that conversation got a little out of hand on my part,” Erik said. “I do believe guys and girls can be friends. I know I said you know, things that kind of maybe went against that.”

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“I do regret some of the things and how I said them,” he ultimately admitted.

He originally said girls and guys could not be friends

In the latest episode, the newly wedded couples hosted their closest love ones to meet their new spouse. Virginia took this opportunity to begin to introduce Erik to her guy friends.

Luckily the meeting went well – with Virginia’s friend Cole pulling Erik aside for a successful chat. Once Cole confirmed that Virginia was in the experiment for the right reasons, it did help in lifting a weight off Erik’s shoulders.

While the conversation cleared the air, Cole’s biggest warning to his friend’s new husband was, “try your best not to come off as controlling.”

Do you think Erik and Virginia will be able to make their marriage work?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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