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Virginia was drinking on Married at First Sight again and MAFS fans think she may be an alcoholic

Virginia is proving to fans every week that she likes to drink. Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia was drinking on another episode of Married at First Sight and fans are concerned that she may be an alcoholic.

This week the newlywed couples hosted a housewarming party in their new, shared apartments to introduce their spouse to the closest people in their lives.

Virginia teased Erik’s friends for not taking a shot with her

Virginia took this as the perfect opportunity to finally introduce Erik to her guy friends that she has been talking about all season.

While fans were curious about how Erik would react, what really got their attention was Virginia’s drinking habits.

“I don’t know if we can be friends if you don’t take a tequila shot with me,” Virginia teased Erik’s friends.

At least the meeting between Virginia’s guy friends and Erik went surprisingly well. Virginia’s friend Cole was actually able to calm some of Erik’s nerves.

“I think she’s finally ready to be in that position, where she is absolutely ready for that,” he told Erik about Virginia’s commitment to the marriage.

It’s clear this conversation was needed as Erik replied, “That, like, makes me feel better to hear because I just need to know, like, she did this for the right reasons.”

However, the bigger problem is proving to be her partying ways. In the past, she’s expressed to Erik that she’s used to going out 3-4 times a week with her friends.

This is definitely where their age gap is coming into play. While Virginia is used to dating older guys, she’s still a young 26-year-old compared to her more stable Air Force pilot husband.

“Virginia, you know – her kind of partying and all that is way more than what I ever do,” Erik told producers off-camera. “In my honest opinion, I’d want her to grow out of that a little bit.”

MAFS fans think she may be an alcoholic

While Erik is worried about his new wife’s partying ways, so are MAFS fans.

Although fans gave her a pass the first celebratory days of marriage, after hearing her talk about the shots she likes to take alone after a night out, fans are worried she may be an alcoholic.

Do you think Erik and Virginia will be able to make their marriage work?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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