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Erica Rose and Charles Sanders blame other charter guests for horrible tip on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Charles Sanders and Erica Rose are throwing friend under the bus for low Below Deck Sailing Yacht tip.
Erica and Charles are facing backlash for the super low tip they left to the Parsifal III crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Erica Rose and her husband Charles Sanders are blaming the other charter guests in their group for the horrible Below Deck Sailing Yacht tip.

The most recent episode wrapped up the group’s two-episode stint filled with drama. Charle’s behavior, especially toward chef Macros Spaziani’s food, had Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans dragging him. Erica defended her husband in an interview with Monsters & Critics, explaining that he was acting.

As their final episode played out on-screen, Erica shared a message to all the haters. Now Charles and Erica are facing backlash over their $6500 tip should not be directed toward them.

Charles Sanders and Erica Rose blame other charter guests for horrible Below Deck Sailing Yacht tip

The low tip was disgraceful, especially since the normal low tip in the Below Deck franchise comes in at least at $15,000. Their tip becomes the lowest tip in the history of the yachting franchise.

Erica and Charles explained the tip amount when they stopped by Another Below Deck Podcast, saying the rest of the group did not contribute to the tip.

“The whole group is responsible for tipping,” Erica explained. “We all tip for ourselves. We tipped all the cash we brought. My mom tipped. Some other people in our group didn’t feel like it.

Charles backed up his wife’s claims expressing Cindi Rose was the only one besides them who kicked in for the tip.

“We had to pick up the flack for everyone else because no one else tipped. Mostly nobody felt like it except for me, Cindi and Erica,” he spilled.

Erica also admitted to being frustrated after leaving a $23,000 tip at the end of her Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 appearance, only to have the crew trash talk her group.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Erica throws friends under the bus for low tip

The $6500 tip has been one hot topic on social media, especially on Erica’s Instagram posts. One post featured a user telling Erica the tip was a slap in the face for how the crew was treated.

Erica replied to the comment stating again that not everyone in her group contributed to the tip.

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I do wish others in our charter group would have contributed more as well. We can only move forward,” she wrote.

Erica Instagram reply
Pic credit: @ericatherose/Instagram

Charles Sanders and Erica Rose have spoken out regarding the horrible tip their group left on Below Deck Sailing Yacht amid backlash over the low amount.

What do you think of Erica and Charles’ explanation of the tip?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  1. When you are the primary guest you are responsible for leaving the tip. If your guests refuse, then it’s on you. Don’t charter a super yacht if you can’t afford the responsibility that comes with it. NO CLASS!!!!

  2. TYPICAL ELITEST SELF ABSORBED, SELF CENTERED MENTALITY! The practice can’t be doing that well if they have to go on a reality show to drum up business. I would fire my attorney in a heart beat if he/she showed up on some reality show acting as they did. But then again, I would have never hired these nitwits in the first place. Yes there was a certain amount of (poor) acting on his part, but his personality was loud and clear. Then the mother, (not worth repeating her name) blames the other guests for her fake tanner. But then again, they’re both lawyers all they do is blame everyone else and they’re good at it.

  3. YOU were the primary. YOU rented the yacht. YOU were responsible for the tip. Not your guests. Again, vile, vile disgusting people. No class at all.

  4. Disgraceful. Why book a trip and not pay the hard working staff, most of who weren’t on your previous yacht vacation? Its the primary’s responsibility to tip. If you can’t afford the luxury don’t book. Everyone heard how Erica’s husband goes out to eat on the weekends and throws a fit to get free food for fun. Sounds like this is par for the couple.


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