Emily Bieberly shares throwbacks with jet-black hair

Emily Bieberly
Emily Bieberly used to have jet-black hair and is on the fence about having it again. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance Season 9 star Emily Bieberly might be ready for a change.

The 31-year-old mother of two was apparently feeling nostalgic about an old hair color she had and asked fans for their opinion.

First, Emily shared a picture dated “April 30, 2018,” where her normally curly and voluminous brunette hair was straightened and looked much darker in color than her natural hue.

She created a poll at the bottom of the image that asked, “Should I dye my hair black again?” The results of the poll concluded that she should do it, but the winning choice was close. 52% of voters said she should get black hair again, while 48% said, “No, the brown is cool.”

The second throwback Emily posted was of her in July 2018 in “Xian, China,” posing smiling next to another woman.

Her then-black hair was in its natural curls and swooped to one side of her head, obscuring part of her face. At the bottom of her share, she added, “Reaaaaaaally missing it [crying face emoji].”

Emily Bieberly's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise are promoting their brand of hilarious stocking stuffers

This holiday season, Emily, her husband Kobe Blaise, and her dad David got creative and cheeky with a product they created.

David’s one house rule for his daughter and Kobe was for them not to get pregnant while they were living under his roof. Emily and Kobe ignored David’s rule and were pregnant within weeks of Kobe’s arrival.

With that backdrop, Kobe and David acted out a famous moment between them from the show when David gave Kobe a secret something on his wedding day. But they put a twist on it.

Dressed in holiday attire, David slipped Kobe something in his hand, and Kobe opened it up to reveal a condom with David’s face on it, saying, “You better NOT get pregnant! –Emily’s Dad.”

In the caption, Emily and her dad in conjunction on the post wrote, “Dave’s condoms are now available for purchase. Such a good stocking stuffer gift.”

Emily and Kobe are on 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Single Life

After their time on Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance, Emily and Kobe announced they were selected to be cast members on 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Single Life.

Season 3 of the hit spinoff is available to stream on Discovery+, with Kobe and Emily giving commentary and having witty banter while watching recently-finished Season 3 of The Single Life.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.