Emily Bieberly shows off cheeky dad-inspired stocking stuffers

Emily Bieberly and her dad David
Emily Bieberly, her dad David, and Kobe Blaise came up with a funny holiday gift idea. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance stars Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise are trying to capitalize on a poignant 90 Day moment they had on the show this holiday season.

There was one particular scene when Emily’s dad David had a special moment with Kobe and slipped something into Kobe’s hand during the bonding scene for the wedding day.

90 Day viewers never got to find out what David gave Kobe that made them both emotional. Even at the Season 9 Tell All, Kobe wanted to keep the content of the exchange private.

Now, however, Emily, her dad, and Kobe are playing up that scene in jest and pushing the theory that David gave Kobe condoms.

David had one house rule for Emily and Kobe, and that was for them not to get pregnant while under his roof. Kobe and Emily ended up pregnant just weeks after Kobe’s arrival, and they hid that fact from Emily’s family until after the wedding.

In any case, the Bieberlys and Kobe seem to be having fun looking back on the situation now, as evidenced by their cheeky holiday promotion.

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise share dad-inspired stocking stuffers

In conjunction with her dad, Emily posted a video on Instagram about a gimmick stocking stuffer for 90 Day fans.

The beginning of the video showed a close-up shot of David’s hand shaking Kobe’s before it panned out to a clip of a holiday outfit-clad David shaking Kobe’s hand and giving him something.

The video then zoomed in on David and Kobe’s exchange before David moved his hand away to reveal that he had given Kobe condoms with a caricature of David’s face on them.

On the condom wrapper, David’s now-famous quote, “You better NOT get pregnant,” was written and was said to be “from Emily’s dad.”

In the caption, Emily and David promoted, “Dave’s condoms are now available for purchase. Such a good stocking stuffer gift. Gift one to your coworkers, family members, friends and really whoever you want. Limited available and absolutely epic ?.”

90 Day Fiance fans can watch Emily and Kobe on Pillow Talk

Emily and Kobe were selected as cast members on 90 Day Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After? They have been giving their commentary and having witty banter amongst themselves while watching new episodes of the show.

Joining them from Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance as Pillow Talk members are Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer and Patrick Mendes and his brother John McManus.

90 Day Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After? Sundays at 11/10c after every new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

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