Elizabeth Vargas calls out RHOC castmates for failing to support her, says they think she’s ‘full of s**t’

Elizabeth Vargas during an episode of RHOC
Elizabeth Vargas calls out her RHOC castmates for thinking she’s “full of sh*t.” Pic credit: Bravo

Elizabeth Vargas is the newest member of The Real Housewives of Orange County and the other women haven’t been sure what to make of her.

Elizabeth revealed in earlier episodes that she was going through a divorce with her ex-husband Bernt Bodal while dating her boyfriend, Jimmy. Elizabeth brought up her divorce several times but told the women she couldn’t talk about the details due to legal proceedings.

The women started to get skeptical of Elizabeth’s stories because they continued to change every time she talked to them. Elizabeth claimed in a few conversations that she and Jimmy hadn’t been intimate because she was still technically married, but at another time she said they had sex once before he found out she was still married.

While at Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s vow renewal, the other housewives became frustrated with Elizabeth for crying about her ex-husband. She told the women that she texted him to say she regretted the divorce.

The women were confused as to why Elizabeth would regret her decision while still maintaining a relationship with Jimmy. As the season has progressed, the women continue to grow leerier of Elizabeth’s stories and whether she’s told the truth.

Elizabeth calls out her co-stars

After last night’s episode, Elizabeth threw some shade the other women’s way. She posted a photo of herself to promote her alcohol brand Vargas Vodka.

In the caption of the photo, she talked about the launch of Vargas Vodka but then she mentioned how the “crazy ladies” of RHOC always think she is “full of sh*t.”

She said, “Well….That’s because they have never met someone like me!!”

She mentioned how the women needed to learn the true definition of women supporting women and threw a dig at the cast for having their own insecurities and discrediting her because of them.

See her full comment below.

Braunwyn stirs up trouble

Elizabeth’s shade came after the most recent RHOC episode when Braunwyn stirred up trouble.

Braunwyn told Emily Simpson that Elizabeth was lying about being lonely. She was frustrated with Elizabeth after she saw Instagram pictures of her friends over at her house.

Braunwyn admitted she found public records that showed Elizabeth had a house that went into default.  She wondered if Elizabeth was dealing with financial issues even though she’s always talked about her wealth.

Shannon Beador had a conversation with Braunwyn and they both said they thought Elizabeth was “full of sh*t.” Gina filled Elizabeth in on the other housewives’ conversations.

Whether Elizabeth has been completely honest about her life remains to be seen. She revealed a plan to confront the women on their trip to Lake Arrowhead in the upcoming episode.

Based on Elizabeth’s latest Instagram post, it seems as though the drama between the housewives is just getting started.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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