Eagle-eyed RHOBH fans notice ‘shady’ behavior between Kyle and Dorit in recent episode

Dorit Kemsley at the The Daily Front Row fashion show 2018; Kyle Richards at the Logo awards 2012.
Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards called out by fans. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kyle Richards and her castmate Dorit Kemsley have some explaining to do after eagled-eye viewers pointed out their suspicious behavior in the latest episode.

Episode 15 was titled “Ashing it Out,” and it showed the continuation of the cast trip to Spain, which ended with a healing ceremony before they returned home.

We also saw a sweet bonding moment between Kyle and Dorit, as the OG opened up about her marriage to Mauricio.

However, it was another moment between the duo that people are now dissecting online.

Some fans of the show are convinced that the pair were talking smack and being “shady” which would explain Kyle’s behavior in the scene.

We’re waiting for Kyle or Dorit to share the story behind the odd moment because, right now, the speculations are running wild.

Check out Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley’s suspicious behavior in the recent episode

The incident played out as all the women gathered in the van after leaving the healing ceremony where Sutton scattered the ashes of her friend Merce Cunningham.

The video showed Kyle and Dorit sitting together while their castmates engaged in conversation.

At one point, Dorit showed Kyle something on her phone, and as they did, the OG casually used her hand to cover the camera behind them.

If you blinked, you missed the moment, but nothing got past RHOBH viewers.

The clip was posted on Instagram with the caption, “What was this about? Dorit typed something on her phone, Kyle looked over and then covered the camera 👀.”

RHOBH fans accuse Dorit and Kyle of being ‘shady’

It was great to see Kyle and Dorit working on their relationship since it’s been a rough season for the once-close friends.

Dorit admittedly felt she was left in the dust after Kyle forged a friendship with Morgan Wade, but in the last episode, it was like old times.

However, RHOBH viewers are going off on their shady behavior as they try to guess its reason.

“Kyle once again producing deciding what is filmed and what isn’t. She needs to go,” wrote one commenter.

“Both of them being slimy and shady. So gross,” said someone else.

A viewer said “I saw it too. She was def running her mouth being a mean girl (woman).”

Another Instagram user reasoned, “Pretty sure it was something rude about the ceremony and Sutton.”

RHOBH fans call out Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards
RHOBH viewers weigh in. Pic credit: @byewighellodrama/Instagram

“Omg I love you eagle eyed detectives I never would’ve caught that!” exclaimed someone else.

Did you catch the shady moment between Dorit and Kyle when the episode aired? Sound off in the comments below.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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